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Didn't want to start a new thread, but here is some more awesomeness from our great capital. Check out the new Kings Cross station.


Cool, huh?
Got to say that, although I work for (and therefore depend for my livelihood on) a company that does the engineering on these sorts of projects, and although they are ingenious, clever, and breath-takingly elegant engineering solutions, they do rather prove the point that such buildings/structures can only exist because nobody took the crayons off the architects quickly enough.
Not all, but too many for comfort.
To be blunt the engineering is like polishing a turd - it doesn't matter how well you do it, all you have at the end of it is a very elegant turd.
Still, it pays my rent, and the client has to live with it long after I've moved on to the next project!
Documentary on the building of the Shard (you know, the big tall new building in London) on Channel 4 now.
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