Eddie Jordan OBE

EJ Former race driver, Former F1 team owner, he is also a business man an entrepreneur and a mentor.

At present he is lead analyst for the BBC's F1 coverage and seems to know before anyone else exactly what is going with both, the drivers and teams.

So what are your thoughts of the man in the know...
I don't mind him. Yeah he's not a great analyst but he's there for his connections and undertsanding of what goes on behind closed doors in F1. He also seems to be one of the few who ask a difficult question straight, instead of dancing around the subject inferring but never actually getting to the point.
I liked him a lot before he became a BBC pundit. He then decided to be used as a clown by the BBC team, for which I blame them and not him. I don't watch the F1 BBC coverage any more so my opinion won't change until he stops working for them I guess.
Thank you Mr B, just remembered Alain Prost has an OBE as well so they're not exclusively for British citizens.
It is hard to reconcile his on-screen persona with the incredibly successful - in context - racing team he created.

Then again, the same is true of Flav. Maybe they just knew how to pick the right deputies?
So how is it that EJ knows so much about what is going on? Is it because.
  • He is psychic? - No chance.
  • He snoops around in the bins at the back of the teams head quarters? - No way.
  • He has all the teams boardrooms bugged? - Nope.
  • All the team trust him and know he will keep a secret? - Not likely.
  • Everyone in the paddock knows exactly what he knows but he is the only one who blabs to the press? - Possibly.
  • The FIA allow EJ in on certain things because they want to spice up the rumour mill and create publicity and use Eddie to do this knowing he will never reveal his sources? - Very likely.
  • Have I hit the nail on the head? - Could be....
Perhaps he's close friends with someone very powerful, very influential, very rich, who's at the centre of all the deals and who likes to release a steady stream of rumour to keep F1 in the newspapers.

But, racking my brains, I can't think of anyone in F1 who fits that profile.
Together we make a winning pair FB (Except as FF1 team mates. :( ) You are probably correct as it is Bernie who controls the commercial rights and it is in his interest to jazz the whole thing up...
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