Eddie Jordan OBE


I'm sorry I couldn't make head nor tail of that article because every other word was punctuated by the term "sunseeker 155 yacht" or a variant of that and so I lost the will to read on....

For a moment I thought is was reading a written version of price drop TV or some other shopping channel......
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If he can afford a boat like that... on a BBC salary.... I'm a flying banana, and last time I looked I wasn't.


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Eddie sold Jordan Grand Prix to Midland Group for a reported $60 million so I don't think the BBC are paying for the boat.


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Buying a boat right now is a very smart move. If I could I would and I'm safely well above sea level ... for now. Don't be fooled by Eddie's comedy facade, he's a very smart cookie. I'm off to buy a snorkel.:D

Note: This comment is in no way intended to cause distress to those whose homes, businesses and farms are submerged in the current crisis. My sympathies are with them.


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It's still being cobbled together, out of bits of cardboard and other flotsam. There's a bit of trouble getting it to float...


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Bill Boddy - Our captain cider_and_toast has, and I quote, "an actual job with the actual navy" and thus could not attend. We have been training the rest of our Bristol based team hard (McZiderRed has already dislocated several fingers) but we have lost some faith in this plan.

Other avenues have been considered: Fenderman is cajoling the Stig into helping, Jos the Boss' anti-rain dance is still under some quite significant modifications; and gethinceri is scouring the internet for solutions (I think he said).

We'll keep you updated.

Can I apologise to all of those affected by the floods for my errant flippancy.

Bill Boddy

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It's only the flippancy that keeps us going.

Just after lunch I went back into the dining room and saw a woman using her tablet. OK, fair enough, I've taken enough photos of the flooding, but I haven't been standing in the middle of the small, soggy part of someone else's garden. Unfortunately when she saw me she took flight (a common occurrence when I meet women), all I wanted was to find out her address so that is could take a large number of bucket-fulls of water, sog her lawn and then walk around it in big boots.
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