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Justin Rose's victory in the US Open Golf Tournament.

I remember seeing him on tv as a 17 year old amateur in the 1998 Open Championship where he came in joint 4th.
Immediately after the end of his round it was announced that he was turning with a large amount of sponsorship. I thought at the time that it was an ill advised step, after all he had just lost in the British Amateur Championship to a Spaniard (Sergio Garcia).

He missed the cut in his next 21 competitions meaning that he had to go to the European Tour qualifying school to get his playing card (he finished 4th). However he did not do well enough in 1999 to retain his card so had to go back to the qualifying school (he finished 9th).

He gradually improved, retaining his card in 2000, then in 2001 he started off with two second places in South Africa (his country of birth). He finished the year in the top 40 in the Order of merit for the European Tour. His first professional victory was in South Africa early in 2002, this as followed by 3 more victories that season.

Since then he has played in both the European and US tours. His foray into the US was marked by a loss of form, he was on the point of returning to Europe in 2005 when he gained a third place in the Buick Championship followed by two more good finishes, allowing him to retain his US card for 2006.

Since then he has gradually improved, getting into the top 10 world ranking in 2007. In recent years he has led in the early rounds of major championships and scored valuable points in Ryder Cup matches. Although he is unlikely to have been on anyone's list of certainties in the last few majors he has frequently been up there on the leader board.

Then last weekend all his hard work and commitment paid off, he was able to hold his game together under stress and difficult conditions better than the others and came home as a desrved winner.

Oh, and the thing people always say about him is that he is a nice guy.
Nice post Bill. I watched the entire Tournament. If you guys were watching over there then you put in a good effort, as inclement weather pushed the play until darkness at around 8:00 PM the first couple days. Merion Golf Club kicked the best players in the world's asses. The course was considered too short for modern play, yet the old club held tough with incredibly thick rough, difficult pin positions, and US Open pressure.

I'm not the biggest Mickelson fan in the world but I was rooting for him this week, however, I wasn't the least bit disappointed that Rose finally broke through. I know the guy had been down to the depths of his profession after that incredible tournament in 98. I'll never forget that hole-out on his final hole and the look to the heavens afterwards.

I also like Justin because he is a Central Florida resident. He usually plays in the premier "Club vs Club" championship in Orlando called the Tavistock Cup. I've seen him play quite a bit there and at Arnold Palmer's tournament Bay Hill. He is a very likeable guy. The emotions he showed while waiting for Phil to finish up were so genuine and I can't imagine too many people begrudged him that victory.

He also broke a long drought for Englishmen at the US Open. Tony Jacklin in 1970!
Not only was Tony Jacklin a winner in the US open in June 1970 he also held the Open Championship at the same time, having won it in July 1969. Not a lot of people have done that, at a quick scan it looks like Vardon, Jacklin and Nicklaus.
I was surprised how little coverage this got given the nature of the achievement. When Andy Murray won his first major Her Majesty's press when mental. Maybe Justin Rose isn't as charismatic as Andy?
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