Clip The Apex associated sites

The YouTube account is used for all the Allianz circuit simulation videos.
I will also be adding the Red Bull simulator videos in due course.

The Facebook group and page are very rarely used - I'm one of those people who just doesn't "get" Facebook.

I've only just started using Twitter :D
I've only just seen your direct message on twitter, sorry about that :rolleyes:

The lists in Twitter are particularly useful if you want to direct your followers to other people on Twitter with associated interests. So for example, if you wanted to create a list of F1 drivers who are on Twitter, you would go to those driver's pages, and on their page, click 'lists', then on the list you want to assign them to.

After that, your own followers can see the list if you've made it public, and choose to follow all those people on the list in one easy click. :)
Thanks Enja.

I created a list called "F1 Overtaking" and I was going to try and use that for tweeting the overtaking data after each race.

The list feature obviously won't work for that though, I expect I would need to set up a new "trending topic" using the # tag?
Well if you want to effectively broadcast CTA's excellent statistics, the best way to do that would probably be like that, yes.

So for example..

"2010 Silverstone Overtaking Data available at *url* ... #F1 #CTA"

I think that would attach two tags, F1, and CTA. A lot of people would find you with the F1 tag for obvious reasons.
Thanks Enja, I can see how it works now as I have seen you've added me to a "test" list.

So I could just add anyone to the "F1 Overtaking" list but whether they're aware of it is another matter.

Just wanted to say really that whatever anyone thinks about Twitter, it doesn't half open up things between fans and those involved in whatever field of work they're employed in.

For instance, even a few years ago you would be lucky to ever communicate with a broadcaster in an email, let alone have a bit of a chat with them.

Case in point :

CroftyF1 : "For those not familiar with his work, he's the head coach of the San Fran 49ers & legendary Bears linebacker. V excited, show starts at 7pm"

enjard : "so Crofty, you a Bears fan or a 49'ers fan?"

CroftyF1 : "Bears fan, met The Fridge once, what a legend, took him nearly ten mins to walk across the pitch to be interviewed"

enjard : "cheers, I've been looking for a team to support this year, it was between the 49ers and Bears. It'll be the Bears!You're a legend."

CroftyF1 : "Good choice James, just don't blame me when you have to endure a season of dissapointment and frustration : )"

What a nice chap. :goodday:
Sorry dude, can be no help on Twitter or Facebook as I don't have an account on either.

P.S. Facebook=Bane of the World!! :D

Edit: What a nice guy indeed :)
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