Attention Happy 10th Birthday Clip the Apex

How's this for nostalgia ...


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I had the distinction of being the last person to post on CTA version 2.

I still miss the game pages from version 1.
Back in 2003 I joined the forum at and for years I was happy there. It was a nice atmosphere, friendly etc. Then in about 2012 some new members joined who didn't get along with some other members. Sadly things started to go downhill and eventually it turned into all out war. Admin got fed up, eventually, he banned a couple of people and got the rest of us to vote on who should be mods. I won or lost the vote depending on how you looked at it. With a couple of other mods, we cleaned the place up, got rid of the trouble makers (damn I enjoyed that) but by then it was too late, a lot of the nicer people had left.
It limped on until 2016 when admin suddenly pulled the plug on the place, no prior warning, not even to us mods. That really made us angry after all we'd done for him.
I tried other forums but to be honest I couldn't settle and I wasn't that bothered. Then just over a week ago I found this place and it felt like I could be happy here. So I signed up and realised this is a really nice place to be. No one has scared me off and I like the vibe here. That means you're more than likely stuck with me for the foreseeable. So now you know how I got here and I hope that's okay since others were explaining how they ended up here too.
If you read all that, well done :cheer:
Galahad - Exactly my sentiments. I have little memory of spending too much time on 606, but I’ve spent a lot of time here :o.

I was here after a week of its birth and have stayed so big thankyous to:
  • Galahad. Overtaking and FF1 have each been massive at times. You did so much on those; good work.
  • All of the mods from my day: The Pits, FB, Speshal etc. We had some big issues and had to take on one very longstanding member at one point. The peace was just about kept without too much troll incursion.
  • Fenderman, Road of Bones and team Presents... A couple of great years. Pity we saw off Ron, Papa, Luca, Stefano and Bernie. Not Christian though.
  • RasputinLives - Every pedant needs someone to correct. LOL
  • McZiderRed - Badgers!
  • gethinceri - The Geraint Thomas of Clip the Apex.
  • Greenlantern101 - When I retired from doing any games, who came up with a new one? Angry of Scotland!
  • racecub, Lewywo4 Kewee The Artist..... Because you were all probably less rude than I was when we disagreed. Thanks for the other viewpoints. (I’m still not sure we’ll see that Alonso podium ;))
  • Hamberg - For being unbelievably balanced when you consider her username! And for dealing with all those people calling you a ‘he’ or a German city. And Titch for the ignoring the ‘he’ too!
  • jez101 .xls Fantasy F1 prodigy, so long as the spreadsheet doesn’t say Maldonado!
  • cider_and_toast - For taking on the running and management of the firm. For starting the quiz forum. For doing the most subtle bit of moderating ever (the Canada one. So subtle he forgot about it.)
  • Everyone who’s ever written or answered a quiz (Bleu for living in there...)
  • Any fool who’s ever liked or replied to my posts - sorry about your lack of taste!
But most of all Brogan - for putting up with us, for the red name, for having a dream, going for it and leaving us to carry on rather than pulling up the drawbridge when it didn’t go the way he wanted. For actually calling something I did a highlight. For being the site god (with a small g as you like it!)
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That's fine, I'll take any credit I can get. I even lost my corner on the CTA track years ago.

I never had one.

I thought that was Speshal teabagyokel - you're talking about the post that looked like a response about racing but had letters in bold that spelled out Rayfromtoronto right?
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