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As the title suggests, today is the 10th Anniversary of our beloved Clip the Apex.

For those who are unaware, Clip the Apex began out of a dissatisfaction with the level of discussion on the BBC606 website. The site itself, developed from its humble origins on an open server to the shiny version you see before you today, is all thanks to the hard work of our site God, Brogan.

There are only a handful of us '08'ers' still hanging around from the earliest days of CTA version 1 (who remembers setting high scores on Space Invaders ??).

The debate has been passionate, comical and all points in between but on the whole this site has always remained a place where F1 fans can share opinion and discuss F1 old and new in a friendly environment.

Let's hope we are all still here in another 10 years.

Please share any favourite CTA memories from yesteryear and give a hat tip to those who've gone before us.
Happy Birthday CTA :birthday::friends::1st: I'd add my memories of the place but I've only been here five minutes so.....

What I will say is, I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far and I plan to hang around of that's okay with you guys. At my last forum (where I was a mod) I was there for almost 14 years with over 9,000 posts. So you have been warned LOL

Congrats again CTA, long may you continue and to Brogan, you have a wonderful site here, well done :thumbsup:
I've been here since 2011. After 606 closed down this became my new home. This is now the only Forum I still use. Everything else has died a death or moved to a Facebook group. That says a lot about our users. A great bunch of people.

I do miss Jen and mephistopheles, though by the end they were a rather negative influence.
I think the forum is doing so well because we have so many good new members who are active and fun.

Here's to the future, may it continue even if F1 doesn't LOL
Cheers to CTA, best forum ever, and like Greenlantern101 the only one I now use. All the members that I have encountered on here have been very entertaining, and the range of subjects we get our teeth into is vast.
Brogan and all the mods over the years have been fantastic, which is why we are such a good mannered bunch now.
I’m raising a glass to you all.
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I joined in January 2009 :o Came here through a link on Galahad's 606 profile (when he was Gordon Murray). I used to pop back to 606 to set the dogs barking and then come back here for some R&R.

We've had some characters here over the years, some good some back. My favourite banned member was Axel Tramp, I'm not sure what planet he inhabited but I don't think he ever posted anything to do with F1 or that made a great deal of sense. Think I deleted more of his posts than were left up in my time as a moderator.

It's a good place with a great crowd and I'm grateful to Brogan for keeping it going despite it, perhaps, not achieving what he was hoping in terms of the quantity of members. That said, this is compensated for by the quality.
What a milestone! As Greenlantern101 this is the only F1 forum I am part of. I joined in 2013 I think (I need to check my own avatar to know for sure) and even though I don't have the time to participate more actively I read most threads and try my best to contribute. Thanks to Brogan for this awesome site, thanks to all the moderators over the years, including cider_and_toast, the current mod who is always there to help and calm things down. thank you also to the mysterious Administrator ("The" Administrator to be exact) who along with his?(her?) evil twin The Moderator, Brogan and C_A_T keep this site running smoothly. I came to this site searching for overtaking statistics. I saw the quality and dynamics and I never looked back, it has been my go-to place for everything f1 related. A truly fellowship of the ring.
It must be good... It's always on while I'm working :D

I'd post more often but I've fallen out of lilo with F1.

I only stuck around because I love your company; a great bunch of people now and then (Meph).

The great thing is that it's not just the racing; it's a whole world - dad's net as the family call it :)
10 years! Blimey. Like most I came in 2011 (maybe late 10) as an escape from the wild west that was 606. As you will probably have noticed I like to write the odd article or two ;)

Like others this is the only site I use and whilst I came here for the F1 I stay for the company. I'm friendly to everyone and have never been involved in any arguments with any poster on here ever.........ermmm.....ok maybe not. A few apologies owed to mods over the year Brogan cider_and_toast FB as was.

As for memories - I have lots. A Fenderman made comic strip posted for my birthday was especially touching. However if you really want to get the spirit of CTA (and have a good laugh) I suggest you read through "The Paper Chain"

The Paper Chain

Started by FB as a response to a discussion on whether Rosberg would be better in the Red Bull than Webber in 2011, it's been gradually added to by a variety of members and has me howling on a regular basis. It reads like a comedy history of Formula 1 since 2011. To be honest if this came out in book form I'd probably buy it.

Lots of Love

RasputinLives on a mysterious island at an unknown location (possibly in Wales).
i know 10 years unbelievable, it flashed up in the last week that ive been here 3 years. but like everyone i was at 606, then i moved to another forum & i was resident quiz master actually, which was good had 10 good regulars but over a few years they faded away to point where their were 3 or 4 vettel 2013 era absolutely killed us & i felt like i was talking to myself at times days would go by with zero posts. so despite feeling like i was betraying someone, i was on the lookout for a new F1 forum i remembered that in the practise sessions crofty would often mention "clip the apex" time to time. so i thought ill have a look as if its good enough for him, its good enough for me. I'm so glad i did

you know like most I'm sure we all had our disagreements but that's healthy (although not at the time LOL) as you never want to be somewhere that doesn't challenge your opinion & if its goes to far you learn & apologise. but I'm always grateful love the humour, love the chat & as others have its great for the personal side if i need a 2nd opinion neutral. i know i can come here. you put up with my terrible grammar at times which I'm grateful as ive struggled with english

heres to the next 10 years providing trump & kim jong il haven't blown us up in some primary school argument:cheers:
I may be one of the first joiners - June 5 2008 :)

Where's RayInTorontoCanada (or whatever his username was) now? I seem to recall he was on 606 before CTA as well. I'm still waiting for Marco Ardigo to be crowned F1 champ.

1st of ray is a :censored:

Also had never heard of Marco bloke. Did some research & he just never left karting still competes now, with i just find odd as its like 25yr at primary school
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