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Joe Saward has indicated that the car industry is about 25 years away from the mass production of fully electric vehicles. Battery power is simply not an option in the foreseeable future. The fact that they're forced to switch cars after 20 minutes is a pretty good indication of this. Unless there is a revolutionary break through in battery technology soon (which there hasn't been in years), then e-racing will quickly become a thing of the past.

Saward contends that F1 is on the correct path and directly in sync with the major manufacturers by focusing on Hybrid technology.
He's an F1 Journo of course.

And he also calls into question some of the very fundamental elements of the race itself in Beijing.

The average speed of the 25-lap race was published at 79.2 mph but the results appeared to be flawed as 25 laps of a 3.44km circuit amounts to 86.325km and if it took 52m23.413s to cover that distance then the actual race speed must be 98.86kmh, which translates to 61.43 mph. The official results were wrong (and still are), claiming that the 25-lap race was over a distance of 111.3 km.

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Indeed - the SC was deployed for about 3 laps to remove Senna's car (which, incidentally, I thought he damaged by hitting the sausage kerbs too hard on lap 1, rather than by contact with another driver).
I'm not sure where he got his information from but the MiniDrivers guy has posted a layout for Monaco.

I had a feeling they would modify it but I don't like it. Monaco without Casino, Lowes or the Tunnel just isn't Monaco.

My ill informed ideas on the series.

All a bit slow.
Driven by chaps who didn't cut it in F1.
Batteries running out.
The need for a new car, 'cos your battery has run out - a bit like re-fuelling.
But without the excitement.
I can see why they've modified the track they only race on the shittiest of circuits and while at times the regular Monaco layout can be total shit it just isn't shitty enough for them.
Why are there points given for the fastest lap? There were two drivers definitely went for it, they both used so much power that they had to retire. Ridiculous. If there are points given for it they should go to whoever of the finishers had the fastest lap.
Beumi had problems the whole weekend. He would have retired anyway. He came back out to attempt the fastest lap so he would gain something from the weekend.

I think it was Sato who got the lap and not sure what position he was in when he decided to go for the fast lap but I'm assuming that he would have got more points for the FL than where he would have finished.

As for the point of it, it is a risk they are taking, no guarantee of getting those points and it adds an extra element to the racing. We'll have to see how much of a difference those points have made at the end of the season.
Since the inaugural race I've been thinking about the OP as a question:

Q: What to Expect from Formula E?
My original expectation: A lot.
Expectation versus what I got: Too much for too little.

Current expectation: Sweet FA.
I expect FE to grow into an interesting and competitive series. They need to keep the courses tight until the technology allows higher top speeds and once they allow teams to modify the motors and batteries, we'll see some really good races. I wish the next race wasn't so far away.
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