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Like most things in life, we never quite see what the consequences of our actions will be.
When the site was originally set up, I deliberately didn't go down the blog route as I feel a forum is more inclusive and allows everyone to have their say, rather than just responding to one person's views and opinions.
A forum gives all users the opportunity to approach issues from their unique perspective, as well as adding content in other areas such as the Statistics forum or the Quiz section, for example.
Plus I thought it would be less work to maintain and update a forum instead of a blog LOL

However, as the site grows, it becomes more and more difficult to keep on top of all the content ensuring it is accurate and all up to date.
In addition to the basic day to day running there's also the future site development which takes up a considerable amount of time.

We are currently working on the next version of the site so that's going to take up quite a lot of time with new designs and features to be created, implemented and tested.

Also, we will be adding new dedicated pages related to aspects of F1 (and other series if there is a demand for it).
For example, there is the Circuits forum which details all recent and current circuits on the F1 calendar with basic stat's, maps and videos.
Ideally I'd like to get a detailed write up for each circuit done, possibly with images and interesting facts and features, which can then be turned into a dedicated page for each one (linked to the forthcoming F1 page).
Currently Galahad does GP Previews so we can take that concept and apply it to the new pages, but dynamically pull the statistics data from the database so it will constantly update with no manual intervention.

Another good suggestion was to have a collection of videos featuring overtakes (and possibly other content) for each circuit/Grand Prix.

Then there's the database which although complete in one sense still requires lots of additional data adding such as chassis and engine models for each race and year.

There are also lots of other bits and pieces that could do with being developed, along with all the outstanding items on the "to do" list.

There's also the option of adding any other content that anyone feels would be useful.
The "Hall Of Fame" was recently mentioned so that's something that could be looked at.
Possibly team and driver profiles?

There are also the YouTube, Twitter, Facebook Page and Facebook Group pages which are currently not really used.

So, to the point of this thread then :D
Some of you already contribute to the site with various content (in addition to the basic forum posts I mean), which is immensely helpful and very welcome.
If anyone else is in a position to help out with anything to do with the site then please reply to this thread or PM me.

There is no pressure or obligation, this is purely for volunteers only.
You are of course welcome to carry on using the site as you wish and in fact I hope you all do for many years to come.
We have a facebook page? :o

I spend a lot of time on facebook, so happy to help out there. I'm also happy to keep on trying to ferret out stories from the umpteen sites I read, unless you'd prefer unique content?
Hi Jez,

The Facebook page and group are well kept secrets :D
I hardly ever use Facebook so they get very little attention.

If you feel like being an Admin and dealing with that then by all means join the group and I'll "make it so".

Stories from other sites are fine.
Right now I think there's a good balance of reacting to news items and people posting about their own thoughts.
Cheers Jez.
I think I've worked it out :D

I've made you and Admin of the group but I can't work out how to do it for the page.
OK, I can add you as an Admin but we need to be "friends" first.

Now if only I could find the "add friend" link...

Can you tell I don't use Facebook LOL
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