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An interesting take from Heidfeld. Emphasis on the bolded part.. I never thought of this..

"First of all, I don't really know why something that, to my knowledge, until now has been perfectly legal is changing in the middle of the season," said Heidfeld. "But that's the way it is and we have to work with it.

"I'm very interested myself in finding out how that will affect us, because nobody knows. You can guess and make some assumptions, but I don't know. I hope that it will somehow benefit us, but it's very hard to know what effect it will have on us and the others.

"For here, the fact that we are not allowed to change settings between qualy and the race is, for me, going a bit too far in what we can and cannot change. For example, we wouldn't even be allowed to change the pitlane speed limit between qualy and the race, so if we saw that we were a little too quick during qualy we would not be allowed to change it.

"That's why it is too far. In the past we have been able to change the differential and make some small adjustments between qualy and the race but that is not allowed anymore. It's not a huge thing, but I don't understand it.
I remember at the start of the season the Renault had some very very good pace in the very first lap of the race

I hope this change will not affect them much, it could affect everyone equally

Guess it will all be clearer by Q3 Silverstone
RB not so fussed, Renault clearly need the engine mappings and all this to remain competitive, Heidfeld has just delivered a bullseye on Team Renaults back for the teams in the midfield.
Perhaps the team (Renault) that got two bytes of the cherry updating their engine had the benefit of engine mappings the other teams did not have, Horner has winged on many occasions that their engine was under powered, however, from the laymans point of view, the Red Bull car blitzed the field with this supposedly under powered engine.

The change of aggrssive mapping has probably levelled the playing field, coupled with the off throttle blown diffuser ban, we will probably see a championship this year instead of a Red Bull lead procession.
I'm not sure it's gonna change a lot of things for the championship. But it's put more emphasis on the race et create less dirty air, it's still a good move by the FIA.
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