Championship positions - Fights!


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Who can finish where?

BATTLE FOR 1st: Alonso, Vettel, Raikkonen, Hamilton
Alonso has a massive advantage, but Vettel and Hamilton have the means to chip away at it. Most intriguingly, the cars are in reverse pace order to the Championship positions. It seems that the destiny of the title may well lie in drivers getting between the protagonists, with Jenson Button in particular a spoiler.

BATTLE FOR 5th: Webber, Button
If we assume Raikkonen will finish 4th, an interesting battle could develop for the award of Best Supporting Actor. Webber has a 13 point lead, Button has all the momentum. Two no-scores have killed Webber's chances for P1, but he needs to bounce back quickly to secure P5.

BATTLE FOR 7th: Rosberg, Grosjean
Intriguing. This all depends on the form of the cars. Rosberg is 11 points ahead. If Mercedes show the form they showed at Monza and Singapore then he will secure P7, but if Grosjean recovers some of his podium-getting pre-ban form, and doesn't crash at Turn One too often, then he could nab the place.

BATTLE FOR 11th: di Resta, Schumacher, Kobayashi, Hulkenburg, Maldonado, Senna
There are 19 points separating this little lot with the potential for anything to happen. All have had good days and bad. In particular, if Maldonado hooks up a weekend he has the potential to score a lot of points. If Mercedes do well, look out for Schumacher to win this battle, but Hulkenburg has a chance of catching his Scottish team-mate too. A few good Sauber performances could see Kobayashi triumph. My feeling is that one of them will get a podium and take 11th place. If its either of the front two, Felipe Massa is not safe in 10th.

BATTLE FOR 17th: Vergne, Ricciardo
Are there points available for Toro Rosso. Vergne has the current lead by two points, but I feel Ricciardo has every chance to overhaul him if there are sufficient opportunities to do so. The better the Toro Rosso is, the better the chance for the Australian.

I thought you were talking about an actual fight :( in which case Maldonado will win!
The title fight will be vary intriguing as Alonso out of those four has the slowest car - I hate to predict but I think that Vettel will steal the title in Brazil.
Not sure if I heard this on Sky, or SPEED, or read it here, or whatever..........

Vettel's margin is smaller right now than it was with the same number of races in 2010. 29 points as opposed to 31.

Problem for Seb is that Lewis will be there to nick points off him. If Ferrari reliability remains bulletproof, I don't see how Alonso can lose.

If Button doesn't overhaul Webber I'd be shocked.

Grosjean should be able to handle Rosberg, but I'm not sure he will.
Nice article TBY. One you missed is Massa and Perez though. Surely if your Fellipe that has to be your aim. Yes Perez scores big sometimes but if Massa can consistantly get lower end top 10's I think we'll see him jump him. Not very often I bet on Massa but he is at least looking quick again and we do have Brazil coming up.

I'm going Grosjean over Rosberg more on consistancy than anything else.

I'm going Maldo for 11th - possibley even 9th - there is nothing wrong with the speed of that Williams and he seems to have finally got the message that its about finishing Grand Prixs not just winning Grand Prixs - if he plays sensible I see no reason why he can't score at least 3 top 5 finishes in the final races which is far more than you see the others around him getting. Once again taking a gamble and betting on Maldo!

You only included points but the other interesting battle is between Timo Glock and the 2 Caterham drivers. Glock's 12th suddenly puts him in front of them and more importantly Marussia in the 10th constructors spot meaning that Caterham now have to go all out for a 12th position which is not as easy as it sounds due to the consistancy of the rest of the pack and that all of a sudden the Marussia and Glock espeically seem to be right on their tails. Could be the most exciting fight of the lot and be interesting to see if we finally have a battle developing between the new teams that means something and whether this will push them forward to and get them caught up to the pack.
RasputinLives - I missed the last one as it is simply Attrition Wars. As for Perez vs Massa, you have a point. Could well be interesting. Some egg on Ferrari's face, I feel, if they resign Massa after he finishes behind Perez!
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