Football Champions League Final

Champions League Final Winner

  • Manchester United

    Votes: 3 25.0%
  • Barcelona

    Votes: 8 66.7%
  • Not sure

    Votes: 1 8.3%

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Not my cup of cake
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Who's going to win the Champions League final on Saturday? Vote with you heart or with your head.
Can we have a "Not Sure" option?

And by not sure, I mean no idea... :D

Boo! You've got to swing one way or the other. Next you'll be telling me you drink Rose 'cos you can't make up you mind between red or white :sick:
Barcelona are favourites, of that there is no doubt.

However, there are few teams anywhere with the mentality of Manchester United. Never, ever, ever, ever rule them out. So I'm not sure.

Don't forget Barca lost the Copa del Rey final to Real Madrid, although it could be argued it was less important to them than Madrid.

So, on reflection, not sure. Man United won't make the same mistakes as 2009, though!
Easiest vote I have ever done! Here's my reasons:

1. I'm a Leeds fan and there is no way I can ever vote for that Red shirt wearing scum.

2. I've visited both cities and been to both stadia on multiple occasions and have to admit Barcelona as a city is a hell of a lot better than Manchester even if it didn't rain all the time there.

3. I've also been in Spain when a Spanish team has won the big cup and the party atmosphere is electric, all you get over here is some southern blokes in suits talking about prawn sandwiches.

4. This is actually a football related reason, Barca are just a better side and far more deserving for the title.

Whether I watch it or not is a different story, it will probably depend on what else is on TV on the night!
Shame it's not Man Utd against another English team!

I know the game would be worse (2008 was pooh!) but the opposition chants about Giggs could have been fun!
I don't think I've ever wanted Man Utd to win a game before - the football best team in the World versus the best manager. A Man U goal would liven things up but they can't get the ball.
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