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Okay, if we need something to make F1 more exciting we need some ideas for the cliches & Buzz Words the commentators use (We shoudl limit this to the BBC TV team). Maybe too late for this race but we can put something in the quiz section for the next race. I'll make a start on the cliches & buzz words:

Pole Sitter
On the bubble
smooth style
hard on his rear tyres
Good traction
poor in the slow turns/corners
good in the slow turnscorners
poor in the fast turns/corners
good in the fast turns/corners
Double diffuser
Just a passenger
A racing incident
Heikki was unlucky LOL
Rain meister
One lap specialist
Dirty air

Anyone got any more? In the mean time I'll work out some rules...
I'll see if I can add some more during Qualifying :D

How about:
Piquet's on the grass/gravel LOL
The back end stepping out
Sideways moment
On the marbles
The car just not working for him
Tweak of front wing
New set of boots
Send one up the inside

I've moved this to the "Fun & Games" section though, that's probably a more appropriate place for it :)
How about:

  • Schumacher-esque
    Difficult/slower under breaking
    Rubens will be frustrated ;)
    "I've just been down to Ferrari/McLaren" (Ted Kravitz special)
    Hard/soft tyres (they're called prime and option, boys)
    "His Personal Best time in Sector 1/2"
    That McLaren just does not have the aero grip
    "You know my opinion on KERS" (EJ special)
    Jenson is driving mega at the moment
    Ross Brawn tactical genius (or variant thereof)
    Straight to the scene of the accident

Great idea, FB, may splice some interest when we get to Hungaroring/Valencia!
My personal favorite which seems to deserve short odds:

" ##### has got past #####, let's hope the replay will show us that"

- yup, me too, I enjoyed watching it the first time - LOL LOL
A few more

Nip and tuck
Under estimated (as in always or never)
He needed to nail that
He's going for it
Car doesn't look balanced
We don't know what the fuel levels
Gives you wings
on the ragged edge
What happened out there (although as this is the only question Lee McKenzie knows this is a bit of a gimme)
It's like a home race for him
The best drivers in the world
Afte a low quali position - "is the race over for you?" "pretty much"
The ones with the green strip
Who would of thought that a team that didn't exist before March would be leading the world champiochip
And Button wins
Hamilton will be disappointed with...
Ferrari will be disappointed with...
A poor start there for Rubens Barrichello
Kubica is not happy with his car this weekend

And some Sliverstone specialties:

What a great atmosphere
Push the Button
everybody remembers Nigel Mansall in 1987
The last GP at Sliverstone
....If donington isn't ready (come on have some faith lads :-) )
This could be the turning point of the season
It will come down to who has the best stratergy
To be really cruel, a run down of each driver and his personal cliché

1. HAMILTON - "This time last year Hamilton was ###, and now he's only ###"
2. KOVALAINEN - Who knows? He hasn't been mentioned all year!
3. MASSA - "He's won [Turkey/Bahrain/Brazil] for the last ### years but he's struggling today"
4. RAIKKONEN - "I'm just not sure if his heart is in it"
5. KUBICA - "This time last year he was challenging for the title
6. HEIDFELD - "Here's Nick Heidfeld - ### is the time to beat to get into Q2"
7. ALONSO - "The best all-round driver in F1, but..."
8. PIQUET - "There's been a lot of criticism of Nelson Piquet..." (Not from you Leggers...)
9. TRULLI - "The renowned qualifier!" (& "All aboard the Trulli train" - but not on the BBC)
10. GLOCK - "Timo is developing into a really good driver!"
11. BOURDAIS - "And Bourdais is out"
12. BUEMI - "He's beating his more experienced team-mate"
14. WEBBER - "He used to be a one lap specialist but Vettel is ###-0 up so far this season!"
15. VETTEL - "Tipped as a Future World Champion"
16. ROSBERG - "He topped ### practice earlier in the weekend"
17. NAKAJIMA - "He hasn't got past Q2 too many times this year"
20. SUTIL - "So disappointed to lose out on those points in the 2008 Monaco GP..."
21. FISICHELLA - "I don't really see what Fisi is giving Force India"
22. BUTTON - "He looks so chipper this year, he's a new man" [And others too innumerable to count]
23. BARRICHELLO - "He's gone well on this track before, he was ### in 2002 and ### in 2004"

You get the picture!
i forgot, must have been the shock but this beauty is part of the F1 coda of immortal chit chat lines
'i had the best race ever, i did great. but next race i will be even better. and i will do even better'.

some other bits and pieces on the same specific driver

for those of us who do not have the joy of german TV:
'and the mercedes silver arrow is in the lead, the german car is in front!' thats from last year boys and girls

for those of us who do not have the joy of dutch tv:
'wow, oh yes... wow! darn oh wow. amazing, oh wow. how did he do... nooo, look at what he does nowww... woow'

and finally, for those of us who do not have the joy of belgian tv:
'he passed him'
The "and he's past" is a classic line from motor racing TV commentators, a bit like "and it's a goal" from a football commenator - well no sh#t Sherlock, I didn't spot that!

For your further enjoyment, for the master of the cliche and the verbal cock-up follow this link to the Muddly Walker quote page. Enjoy!
Martin Brundle and the word "Super"

He was "super" cool
He was "super" commited
He braked "super" late

General stuff:

"despite the politics it's all about the racing"

"all over the back of his car"

"he would have seen him in his mirrors"

"You can't see very much in the mirrors"
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