British Formula Ford 2011


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Might as well since it's on FTA television and because I think CTA should continue to diversify and cater for all needs. The BBC of motorsport forums. And because we like watching spoilt brats get mad when their rival spoilt brat turns up in a BMW M5 and a sneer as wide as the Grand Canyon. Probably.

Highlights of Rounds 1-3, Silverstone, 9th-10th April

I don't know anything about Formula Ford but I'm always interested to watch open wheel formulae so I will be following it as best I can and posting bits of news/articles/results whenever I feel like doing so. Who knows, maybe we'll see a couple of superstars emerge from this crop, having seen such talent as Jenson Button, Anthony Davidson, Eddie Irvine, Adam Carroll and, er, Narain Karthikeyan, coming through via this series.

Championship positions after first 3 rounds of Silverstone :

Jeroen Slaghekke - 75 points
Geoff Uhrhane - 68 points
Dan de Zille - 62 points
Spike Goddard - 52 points
Tristan Mingay - 50 points
Nick McBride - 46 points
Antti Buri - 42 points
Jake Cook - 36 points
Jesse Anttila - 34 points
Phillippe Layac - 32 points
Matthew Parry - 32 points
Scott Malvern - 31 points
Neil Alberico - 30 points
Luke Williams - 26 points
David Ellesley - 15 points
Jonny McMullan - 0 points


I will continue to develop this thread in the coming days and weeks, so hopefully someone will find something interesting in it.
Cheera Enja, I try to catch as many of the feeder series races whenever I can.

Time is unfortunately very limited this year (for various reasons) but I can usually manage to squeeze a few races in here and there.
Thanks for this Enja.

My nephew went to school with (JTR team boss) Nick Tandy, who I think is a talented driver in his own right, so I'll be supporting them this year.
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