Briatore Visits Ferrari


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Now here's an interesting piece of gossip from F1 Junkie, everyone's favourite ex-team manager Flavio Briatore has been seen visiting Ferrari. As he is still banned from any direct involvement in F1 it is unlikely he is going to be the next Ferrari team boss so F1 Junkie suggest 3 possible reasons:

1. He is looking to place Mark Webber (who he still represents) at Ferrari in place of Felipe Massa
2. He's after a "consultancy" job at Ferrari
3. Bernie Ecclestone asked him to go there to sound out Ferrari's position vis-a-vis FOTA and the next Concorde agreement.

Apart from the Webber option I would find the other two reasons quite distasteful given Briatore's involvement in F1 racings most serious case of cheating. I can't imagine he would really bring Ferrari that much in a consultancy role, if anything the net result could be quite negative. As for the BE theory, I really wish Bernie would stop involving him in his dealings, regardless of how close a friend he is. F1 doesn't need people like Flavio Briatore.

I couldn't agree more with your sentiments re: Flavio Briatore. I would just add that F1 doesn't need BE either!!
Nothing further to add FB.

It would appear we have a similar opinion of both Briatore and Bernie's relationship with him.

Oh for the day when F1 is no longer treated as an "old boy's club" by Mr Ecclestone.
Interesting that Flavio visits and next thing, Ferrari are bring the sport into disrepute once again..

Coincidence? You decide..
My money is on Ferrari needing advise on how best to deploy a Brazilian driver to aid Alonso and end up in front of the WMSC.

And B******e is the obvious (and odious) expert!
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