Best F1 Related Adverts

The new Mercedes' ones are quite good - definitely in the same vein as the McLaren ones.

Actually, I'm not sure if these are F1 related really :unsure:



There are so many to chose from
so to get the ball rolling
how bout this

Loved that one!!!! Beind a Ferrari fan from 98-2009 that was nice to see, loved all those cars!!! :D

That guy near the end looks like Kimi at 1.54 doesn't look like him when you first see him, but when the F2007/8 (don't know what one it is) drives away and you see the dude and you wonder if it is him :s
Not an advert but can anyone find the video of our glorious Minster for Justice, Ken Clarke, getting his fat arse stuck in a racing car?
That Honda advert' has to be the most moving ad' ever. The emotion of all those fantastic engine sounds integrated into what is pretty dramatic score and those groundbreaking (for their time) and now historic machines! :cheer:Wonderful. Best ad' ever. Period.
"So Jenson, what's on your mind?"

"Racing!" "Spacing" "wooow it's bracing!" "a cup of tea will be amazing!"

I really dont get this advert. They seemed to go with a rhyming theme for the first four then abandoned it?

Possibly one of the worst adverts ever...
they went for the all words have ing at the end of theme. Yes it is pretty tragic. But to be honest can anyone think of a good advert with F1 drivers in?
A place for you to post any adverts (good or bad) you can find involving F1 drivers. I'm sure Jackie Stewart has done a few. To kick you off, Here's Eric and Ernie with James Hunt.

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