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rufus_mcdufus - I do agree with you, but Spa hasn't always produced classics... look at 1991 - 2000. It has become the norm now though...

  1. 1991 - Thriller to the end, Mansell had taken the lead, broke down, Senna was out front, but had gearbox issues. De Cesaris was pressuring for the lead, but then retired a few laps before the end
  2. 1992 - Wet/dry race, Schumacher's first victory, nailbiter throughout
  3. 1993 - Hill won after a pit-stop failure - I honestly can't remember anything else about the race
  4. 1994 - Boring race - Schumacher drove away at the front, spun, won the race, then was disqualified to make the championship exciting for a "technical infringement"
  5. 1995 - Wet/dry race. Schumacher came from 16th on the grid, and had a tremendous tustle with Hill
  6. 1996 - Other than Schumacher winning, I can only remember that this was a race that Williams lost
  7. 1997 - Mixed wet and dry - great race
  8. 1998 - The wet race at Spa
  9. 1999 - Dull Coulthard victory
  10. 2000 - "That overtake" of Zonta

Boring, predictable, follow the leader.

Lando, you're a great driver but please learn how to finish the first lap in the same position you started the race, or better still ahead of where you started. If I didn't know F1 cars had no reverse gear I'd swear you were selecting it at the start of every race.

Lando has had some very unlucky breaks/questionable decisions at the beginning of races....

On Sunday, he went to the inside at La Source, and because this is always going to be a closing gap, lost a pile of places. Leclerc did the reverse, and gained a pile of places...
It got a 1, just for the overtake between Gasly and Perez through Eau Rouge. The speed of the cars, particularly through those corners, is mind blowing.
Could we add a new rating for future rate the... and just have a layer below 0 of "Shite"
Like this?

3. I don’t know why I’ve given it such a high score, except I didn’t fall asleep, my iPhone kept me interested in other things for the entire race.
A rubbish race maybe but no one noticed Renault might have found something being the best of the rest. Also Racing Point were nowhere being a Merc clone and they are starting to drop back in terms of race pace
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