Battle of the giants

Where will Ferrari, McLaren, Kimi and Lewis end the 2009 season relative to each other?

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It's been a tough year for Ferrari and McLaren.

Both teams started the season with cars which were well off the pace with the McLaren MP4-24 arguably the worst of the two.

Ferrari didn't qualify on the front row until Monaco and McLaren until Europe, the 11th the race of the season.

Kimi Räikkönen managed to convert his front row start at Monaco into a podium finish.
Lewis Hamilton however managed to score a win at Hungary, despite starting 4th on the grid.

Since Massa's accident in Hungary, Kimi has scored all of Ferrari's points, including 1 win, a second place and two third places, amassing 35 points.
Lewis has scored 2 wins, a second place (which would have been 2 if not for his last lap crash at Italy) and a third place making a total of 34 points, with Heikki also picking up some useful constructor points.

Full standings and results are here: F1 2009 Standings

Currently the standings for the teams and drivers with 2 races to go couldn't be closer with just 2 points separating them:

Ferrari: 67
McLaren: 65

Kimi Räikkönen: 45
Lewis Hamilton: 43

So who's going to win the battle?
Will Ferrari continue their winning streak over McLaren or will McLaren be able to beat them for the first time since 2005?

Will Lewis manage to catch and pass Kimi in the dying stages of the season or will Kimi just edge it?

There's a vote on the home page to accompany this thread.
I feel that Kovalainen will score more points than Fisichella, or none each. Hence the only way the Giants Battle will be sorted is Lewis V Kimi. Lewis has had nightmares at Interlagos, but we don't know how he'll go when the pressure is off. However, Abu Dhabi should be like Singapore, where Lewis dominated. So, my money is on Lewis to secure car #5 for next season, rather than Kimi to secure car #8! LOL I also expect BMW Sauber, who're two points behind Alonso Renault, to jump into 7th position.
It is a tough one, with the both of them in great form. Kimi will drive his socks off to show that he is still a driver who can cut it at the top and hope to secure his drive at Mclaren next year. But with Mclaren probably the faster car at the moment I am going to go for Lewis to edge it by 2 points.
I don't know, but I'm sure looking forward to finding out.

I would automatically say Lewis has the odds on getting ahead, the McLaren development continued beyond that point where Ferrari called 2009 development a day.

Thing is Lewis' performance at Interlagos, I can't believe his performance would be so diferent at a single track, regardless of its characteristics, therefore I am forced to believe that he choked in both 2007 and 2008. I actually think he'll have a good race there this year, whilst killing a few demons to boot.

Ferrari's development strategy was based on getting 3rd in the championship, but did not take into account losing Massa, therefore I think they're plan was good, but they'll be 4th.

I don't have a clue wrt Lewis vs Kimi though. I would normally say Lewis, but although I think he'll still do better at the end of this season, Kimi's on fire and I think those two will go to the wire, Kimi in the front in Brasil, Lewis in Abu Dhabi. I actually think they'll end up close, with Kimi on fire I think he'll hold, just, but Kovlainen will get the points margin over Fisi to take 3rd in the WCC.
Well thanks to Lewis Hamilton's 3rd place at Interlagos, both he and McLaren have edged ahead.

The standings now are:

McLaren: 71
Ferrari: 70

Lewis Hamilton: 49
Kimi Räikkönen: 48

The current votes on the home page have them as follows:
Ferrari & Kimi higher8.33%
McLaren & Lewis higher79.17%
Ferrari & Lewis higher8.33%
McLaren & Kimi higher4.17%

It's all to play for at the last race of the season!
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