Barrichello Paranoid?


Rubens Barrichello has criticised the Brawn GP team of not taking as much care on his car compared to Jenson's and he also added "why are all the problems on my side?". Am I not right in thinking that Barrichello's fault at the start contributed his retirement later in the race. Also why don't we have a bit of consistency by people here. If this was Barrichello back in the Ferrari days most of us were going "yep Rubens! I see your point. You're getting treated unfairly!". Yet when it's Jenson Button it's a case of "Rubens you're paranoid". I feel Barrichello's frustration yet I don't take into account what was clearly his fault yesterday and not the teams. Ruben's is the perfect driver for a team as dominant as Brawn, as we saw back in the Ferrari days. But is that all Barrichello is? A fantastic number 2 driver?? I don't because he's been desperately unlucky in having Jenson Button in this form this year and of course the years he had to drive for Ferrari in which he was team mate to possibly the greatest of them all.
It's only natural the Rubens is going to feel a little agreived with his present situation at Brawn.

There are two things at play here for Rubens the first is that Button is so much quicker than him in an identical car. This must come as a bitter blow given that in last years car the two drivers were on a much more equal footing and in some areas Rubens proved to be a bit better. The 2nd is that Rubens has played Mutley to a Dick Dastardly once before and I imagine he has no wish to do it again.

It's a bit of a shame because Rubens has had a great chance to take the game to Button but at times his lack of speed has left most pundits baffled. Are Brawn favouring Button? Maybe but it is Button who is winning.

If this is to be Rubens final year in F1 I would love to see him on the top step again.
I can understand Mr. Barrichello's frustrations. Every time Barrichello has the beating of a team-mate it matters little because he ends up at the back end of the grid. Indeed, even in 1999 he dominated Herbert at Stewart only for Herbert to pick up the lucky win at the European GP!

Last year, he had every right to think he was ahead of Button. His points tally was much better, including that fantastic podium at Silverstone. Suddenly, he's in a top car again and Button's rear wing has barely been spotted by the bloke in 2nd all year!

He'll also have the mental scars of all that crap that went on at the 2002 Austrian GP and is bound to be looking over his shoulder based on the same bloke being technical director and based on that utterly mad strategy he was subjected to in Barcelona that Button didn't have to face (Seb Vettel may be feeling a bit of that at the moment).

Any frustrations are understandable, and most of us would probably feel the same way if we were Barrichello. Nonetheless, Button has been on top of him, and indeed everyone else, all year.
Barrichello is simply slower in a fast car than Button. Last year, he might have been keeping up, but the car was a dog in any case and definitely wouldn't have suited Jesons driving style as they were never sure where there the backend would be at any particular point of a corner, so therefore would have affected a driver that drove as smoothly as JB. This year, the balance is so good that it is no massive surprise that JB is quicker, you just have to watch an in car lap to see how little work he puts in compared to Ruebens.
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