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This just in from another forum I frequent and I know the original poster so I know it isn't a wind up.

I would bite her arm off if I could afford it

Last ever :?: Silverstone GP for all 3 days for £75 per person? - BARGAIN!

I work for Formula 1 Management and have been given a couple of general access tickets, I am not going to be using them as I have passes so are trying to sell them. They are for all 3 days racing and are have a face value of £180 each.

I am willing to sell mine as a pair for £150 for anyone that wants them, only catch is you will need to come and pick them which means you will need to be living in London and prepared to meet me half way to do the deal.

Now if you can't go to all 3 days and only want to go to one of the days, the tickets still have a face value of roughly £80 each for either the Saturday or the Sunday.
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