Banned Members

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Why do you want to discuss them?

Moderating decisions are not for public discussion, nor will the reasons be made public.

Therefore all you will be doing is blindly speculating and discussing a member who is unable to respond.
What’s the big deal? :dunno: Its just a forum!

I doubt anyone’s been banned without good reason, so the mods have nothing to hide, if other people want to discuss it then why not? The mods are under no obligation to join the convo or give reason for the ban.

Someone recently started a post asking why a certain member was banned, the mods said it was not open for discussion and immediately locked the thread. I too was curious (didn’t disagree with it, just curious as we get to know these people) but it was made quite clear with the locked thread we wasn’t allowed to discuss it.

Now if somebody disagrees with a ban then they should email the mods personally and discuss it with them, but blocking freedom of speech amongst other members… hmmm well I thought Gadaffi was dead? lol
Not open for further replies.
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