AUTOSPORT's 2011 Driver Rankings After Monaco Grand Prix

So, once again, I have compiled Autosport Magazine's ratings from all 6 races for all 24 drivers and added them up. This time I have included AUTOSPORT's score for the Monaco GP in parenthesis:

1. VET - 56 (10)
2. ALO - 51 (10)
3. HAM - 48 (5)
4= KOB - 47 (8)
4= BUT - 47 (10)

6. DIR - 46 (5)
7= ROS - 43 (6)
7= PET - 43 (7)
7= BUE - 43 (8)
10 PER - 42 (6 *****)

11= WEB - 41 (7)
11= LUI - 41 (7)
11= SUT - 41 (7)
11= MSC - 41 (8)
15. GLO - 40 (9)

16= KOV - 39 (6)
16= MAL - 39 (10)
18. DAM - 38 (6)
19= HEI - 37 (6)
19= TRU - 37 (6)
21= MAS - 36 :o (7)

22. BAR - 32 (5)
23. ALG - 32 (5)
24. KAR - 30 (6)

(*****) Perez got an N/A for Monaco so I plugged in a 6 because of how well he'd gone in Qualifying. Four drivers got 5s, the lowest mark ... and Perez's qualifying was superior to three and, possibly, all four.

For Monaco, Autosport's love-ins for Hamilton and Di Resta ended. They got a 5 each. Algersauri was in danger of losing his race seat to Ricciardo...and his Monaco GP wouldn't have done him any good. Barrichello continues to remain unloved by Autosport's critics. Similarly so Massa.

Thoughts on the over all ranking and Monaco in particular?
Give Perez the big Goose Egg!

Yeah, he made it into Q3, but he ruined what promised to be a thrilling Qualifying crescendo and turned it into an anti-climactic dud.
Keke, young Checo's average was 7.2 over the previous five Grand Prix I kinda penalized him by putting him below his average. I don't think he should be getting anything worse than Alguersauri who got a i'll take your advice and lower Perez to a 6!

Maldonado got a 10? I would have put his DNF as 40% being his fault, to be honest! I'd give him an 8...9 tops. Also, look at Heidfeld's 6 and his overall rating of 19 co-equal. Is it any wonder why Boullier said "Heidfeld must improve!"? :snigger:
Not sure about Vettel's 10, true he won and had to make up for his teams mistake, but so did a lot of drivers however had he been pipped at the end by both Alonso and Button I'd have a feeling all those comments about his great drive to make the tyres last wouldn't exist.

A little harsh on Sutil considering he was barged out of the way by Kobayashi.
No-FIAt, with all due respect, If Button was given a 10 for mismanaging his Super-Softs (he cooked and ate them up!), not capitalizing on RBR's pit error which lost Vettel the lead (through no fault of his own) and, then, losing a win that was within the grasp of a car with race-winning pace, then why should Vettel get anything lower for making up for his team costing him 5 seconds and track position?

If anything it's Button who doesn't deserve a 10. Button threw away a win by mismanaging his tyres and didn't even finish 2nd!
I can't see how any driver other than Alonso deserves a 10 really. I'm fairly sure that drivers often lose points as a result of team errors. Surely Vettel was just bloody lucky that McLaren took a poor decision over the pit stop and there was a red flag? Button was probably hanging back a bit at the end but he really needed to get Alonso earlier. Maldonado should have been a 9 at best as he wasn't totally blameless in his off.
I dunno. Eventhough I enjoy reading and listening to Nigel Roebuck - currently at Motor Sport Magazine (and website/podcasts) - I find him heavily biased, much like the old Denis Jenkinson ('Jenks', DSJ) used to be and, possibly, stuck in another era and, possibly, not always in a good way. What other measurements are we to use other than the quite obvious WDC Points Table (which - at the core - overstates mediocre performances by drivers in 'good' cars and under-states outstanding performances by drivers in 'average' to 'poor' cars)?

Keke - Alguersauri has been under review for a few races now at a team that has a history of dumping drivers midseason (Speed out for Vettel in 07; Bourdais out for Alguersauri in 09) and with the highly rated Ricciardo waiting in the wings, Red Bull might want to evaluate younger guys in their stable given that Webber isn't likely to be there forever.

BTW, what do people make of Liuzzi's, Sutil's and Glock's relatively high-ish ranking (although Sutil is still being over-shadowed by Di Resta)?
I surprised Glock has a high ranking, d'Ambrosio has bet him on many occasions has he not? Same can be said for Sutil who I have to say haven't seen much of at all this season.

Well as for Liuzzi, as a good a driver I think he is, I think Karthekyian in the other car is just flattering him.
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