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1. Since it’s inclusion in the World Championship calender which country has won most Australian Grands Prix?

This United Kingdom, with 10 wins (up to 2013)

2. Which driver scored his only F1 podium at the inaugural World Championship Australian GP in 1985?

Phillippe Streiff was 3rd in a Ligier Renault (no extra points for knowing he was in a Ligier, just the satisfaction of knowing you are a smart arse)

3. 1985 also marked the century of F1 races for two drivers – name either for a point

Alan Jones and Patrick Tambay (if you got both I refer you to my smart arse comment from the answer above)

4. Ten years on another driver scored his first and only podium at this race. Who he?

Gianni Morbidelli in the Footwork Hart

5. 2005 marked the first ever Grand Prix for which engine manufacturer?

Cosworth – all previous Cosworth manufactured engines were entered under the Ford Cosworth brand name, so there!

6. Two drivers made their début at the Millenium GP (that’s 2000, not 2001 for those wanting to argue the toss). Name either for a 1 point

Jenson Button & Nick Heidfeld

7. 1990 marked a milestone for a driver (150 races) and for a constructor (300 races) but who are they? And the driver wasn't in the car? Half a point each.

Andrea de Cesaris and Tyrrell respectively

8. 2013 saw Kimi Raikkonen win but who led a Grand Prix for the first and only time?

Adrian Sutil led for 11 laps. I’m not suggesting he won’t lead a race again, as he has threatened to glass me if I do.

9. Who was the driver steward at the 2009 Austrlian GP who disqualified Lewis Hamilton?

Tim Schenken

10. 1986 was the last Grand Prix for 3 race winning drivers. One point if you can name one of them.

Alan Jones, Patrick Tambay and Keke Rosberg
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these new regulations - name any of them for one point - have clearly thrown me. I also have a significantly higher cooling requirement than I expected with some hot-headed responses.

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