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Looks like R Factor has finally got a rival when it comes to the ultimate in PC racing. I've had a quick look at the site and it looks very interesting indeed. Like R Factor it will be fully modifiable but best of all its subscription free so once you have paid for it that's it!

While it's not an F1 simulator it does have a wide range of vehicles and I'm sure more will be added as the modders get to grips with it. Personally I'm looking forward to taking out a Zonda R around the legendary Monza banking.

If anyone decides to get it and fancies a go let me know!

It does look awesome, though. I stumbled across this the other day, too.

Looks like it's going to be pretty amazing. I have been using Kart Racing Pro, which is pretty good but an underfunded project that seems to have hit a dead end. It looks like there is some serious potential for broader investment in Kart Sim.

Really good time for racing sims. There is a lot emerging at the moment and the quality the developers can now achieve is incredible.
OH WOW! Check out Project Cars paired with Oculus Rift... and this isn't even the release candidate! You might want to skip forward a bit to the track action once you have got your head around Oculus Rift.

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I tested the Oculus rift with a friend at home last week. We tested Live For Speed and I did a rallicross race.

The thing that is weird is when you take a jump, your brain tries to anticipate what is going to happen g-force wise, while your body feels nothing and that is a strange feeling. His dad tried it and became nauseous.
If GTA V PC version is compatible with the Oculus then I'd seriously consider investing in one, already got the wheel/pedal set up, just need to modify some handheld controller to be used as a gun and we're sorted.
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