Poll Are Sauber Going to Win a Grand Prix this Season?

Are Sauber Going to Win a Grand Prix This Season?

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Same as the Lotus one.

Will Sauber win a race in 2012.

Conventional wisdom says no, but Sergio Perez took two shock podiums in Malaysia and Canada, and could do it again. However his next best finish is eighth, so while the consistency isn't there the capability of winning definitely is. Another wet race like Malaysia and maybe this time Checo could get the job done. Thing is nobody knows if it will rain again, or if Checo will be on like he was in Malaysia if it does. However, I did hear there's a good chance of rain at Abu Dhabi :snigger:. Or if when another race goes down to tyres like Canada did Perez could be right there. Hes capable of driving extremely smooth and the Sauber is great on the tyres too.

Meanwhile the odds are less favorable for Kamui Kobayashi. He is more consistent than the young Perez but hasn't finished higher than fifth in Spain. In that race he started third on the grid with some help from a rather silly blunder by McLaren. However a bad start left him freefalling down the order at the start. The man is definitely fast and can pull of banzai moves only Lewis Hamilton could recreate, but I don't think the Sauber is fast enough for him to get close enough to the leader for it to work.

For me I don't think the Sauber is fast enough to get a win. They also have an extremely tiny budget compared to the teams ahead of them, and while they have done a great job so far at updating on a budget, it can only last so long. The only reason they have a chance is that they are great on their tyres and seem to be pretty good strategists too. But I think their perfect weekend passes them by in Malaysia, and while another podium or two may be in their future a race win might just be too much. That's my opinion, but what is yours?
Nah they're not quick enough like you say. The only way I can see them win is in a wet race and the top teams (Ferrari, Mclaren, Red Bull and Lotus and maybe Mercedes) make tactical errors or their drivers make a mistake and end up way down the order or crash out. Malaysia was their only real chance of a win in my opinion.
It would be good in many respects to see this, but I think the window of opportunity for the midfield teams to get to the front this season is closing, so they will need luck and weather combined to give them that extra push
Unfortunately No.

Nice team and all that but just not quick enough on the day. Malaysia was probably the closest they'll come this season. But hoping to be proved wrong.
It's been a mad mad season so far (just look at the Williams win) but I can't help but think the top 4 or 5 are now going to start pulling away from the midfield.
This weekend will be as good chance as any. The weather forecast for here is shocking. I still don't think they will do it though. They just don't take the risks needed.
Don't think that they will get a win this year unless there are weather conditions comparable to the one that they had in Malaysia this year.
Sauber seemed to have designed a car that is extremely gentle on Pirelli tyres than any other team and that is what keeping them near the front as they have really struggled for money and require a lot of sponsors that their drivers bring in plus some support from Ferrari

They are not fast enough to win races but good enough to be on the podium

I think Perez missed his shot at Malaysia..although some say Ferrari conspiracy involved
Personally I think they can, Perez was in the hunt in quali today until he was caught out by the weather. F1 is too unpredictable this season to rule anything out (well.... apart from HRT winning a race maybe)
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