April 1st Quiz


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1. Which driver won the only race ever held on April 1 (in 2001)?

David "DC" Coulthard at the 2001 Brazilian GP

2. Who qualified on pole on April 1 2006?

Jenson Button at the Australian GP

OK, they're the April 1 questions, now time to be unusual!

3. Here is a graph showing the top 5 in the Championship in the last 4 races of a season.

Name the season, name the ???? driver for 1 point each.


1985 and de Angelis!

4. How many races did Schumacher win in his first 100 Grand Prix?

4. If you assume Ralf, which anyone reasonable would have!

But I'll give you 26, if you insist!

5. This graph shows a percentage

CTA II.jpg

Which statistic is this?

This is Andrea de Cesaris's record of Grand Prix finishes (not including classified but DNF or non-classifieds or DSQs) against Grand Prix starts.

6. Name the winner of the 1952 Swiss GP; it wasn't Ascari!

Piero Taruffi

7. What is Nick Heidfeld's best Championship finish to date?

5th, in 2007.

8. Complete this list:

Fangio, Hulme, Scheckter, Senna, Schumacher, ________

Monaco GP winners in years ending with 7. So the answer is Alonso!

9. Name the last man before Seb Vettel to sit on pole with Pirellis.

Teo Fabi at Monza in 1986
2 - guessed at 8 and got it right but didn't have a clue what the connection was.
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