Anthony Hamilton

What is it with Anthony Hamilton, I get the impression he's pretty intense/driven in all that he does, from working lots of jobs to see his son succeed into F1, but on the flip side, he's only in F1 management through Lewis.

Getting dumped by your son as your manager could be passed off as a son growing out of his Dad's shadow, leaving your protégé mid season strikes me as something different.
With Lewis you get to the stage where he feels he needs to have fun and his dad kept him wrapped under cotton wool a bit too much possibly but with good intentions

When Lewis started getting famous with a pop star girlfriend and hanging out with P Diddy and Wil I Iam etc on the party scene you can see why Anthony would get concerned but Lewis is belated showing that teenage rebel streak that all parents have to do deal with

Now with Di Resta's situation is complicated by the fact he is supported by Mercedes who rate him highly over a lot of young German drivers except maybe Vettel

It has been talked about Di Resta is a future Mercedes driver but also potentially a Mclaren driver having tested for the team in the past

Complications are that Mclaren is very much Lewis' team so for DI Resta to join the team might be awkward for Anthony should their rivalry become intense

It is not known whether Anthony tried to veto Paul to join Mclaren because of this situation or his own options for Paul are different from Mercedes .

it seems like Di Resta is now relying on Mercedes to plan his future in F1 whether in the main team or at Mclaren remains to be seen
Civil partnership? If they hold on a few years they can get wed in church :snigger:

tbf, it seems like a spat over an American fizzy energy drink sponsorship, which is interesting in it's own right, I know it was only personal sponsorship but it makes you wonder what "other" American fizzy drinks companies may be out there.
Lauda and Hamilton having words in Brazil.

Admittedly I was slightly insinuating that KekeTheKing since it doesn't appear to be happiest moment in their conversation, though obviously we have no clue what they were discussing.
He helped his son so much, didn't he? But in the Mercedes team spirit he was no longer needed. It's enough to have two bosses: Lauda and Wolff!
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