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The quizzes with the difference return. If you're new to this, you must name each member of a group I name, but you get more points for obscure answers. Each question is worth 200 points, to give a total of 1000. Since CTA quizzes tend to be out of 10, divide your score by 100 before entering. I've introduced some awards for most impressive answers too! Post them if you manage to attain them!

1. Name the 11 constructors who scored points in 1980.

Williams - 5
Lotus, McLaren, Ferrari - 15 each
Ligier, Brabham, Renault, Tyrell, Arrows, Alfa Romeo - 20 each
Fittipaldi - 30 and the teabagyokel Bronze award:3rd:

2. Name the 17 drivers to score fastest laps since 2006

Raikkonen, Alonso, Hamilton, Michael Schumacher, Vettel - 4 each
Massa, Webber, Button - 10 each
Kubica - 11
Kovalainen, Rosberg, Barrichello - 15 each
Heidfeld, Trulli, , Petrov - 18 each
Glock, Sutil - 20 each

3. Name the 14 drivers to stand on the podium in 1994.

If you got Damon Hill and Michael Schumacher, I refuse to give points for that kind of obvious answer!
Berger and Mansell - 5 each
Hakkinen, Alesi, Barrichello, Coulthard - 10 each
Brundle and Panis - 15 each
Verstappen and Blundell - 25 each
Larini and Barnard - 35 each and a teabagyokel gold award :1st:

4. Name the 15 drivers who've raced 90 or more races without ever winning.

Nick Heidfeld - 2
de Cesaris and Brundle - 5 each
Warwick, Jarier, Cheever - 8 each
Martini, Salo, Alliot, Verstappen - 11 each
Taku Sato - 20
Diniz, Amon, Katayama and Capelli - 25 each

5. Name the 15 drivers to win a race in car #2 since 1973.

No points for Lewis Hamilton
Coulthard, Massa, Barrichello - 5 each
Prost, Patrese - 10 each
Fisichella, Herbert - 12 each
Berger, Mansell - 15 each
Peterson, Regazzoni, Reutemann - 20 each
Jochen Mass - 30 points and the teabagyokel silver award:2nd:

Emerson Fittipaldi was World Champion when he scored his car #2 win in 1973, with an anomalous numbering system. 21 points.
Solid 6.48

the one about the 90 races or more without a win got me
95+170+185+67+65 => 5.82

With the challenges I go with this system: put minute on the clock and start it, write the names and when the alarm sounds, stop. With thinking more I would have certainly got full points for third one. In those kind of questions I remember oddities well, so I had
Bernard and Larini. Missed Brundle there.
I'm never sure with these if I'm supposed to deduct points for putting down answer that aren't there. Knowing the number of answer I try and populate a full list but there are always some that are wrong...
OK, if you put Michael Schumacher for Q4, you can deduct 25 points. Otherwise, no chance.
Knowing the number of answer I try and populate a full list but there are always some that are wrong...
Thats the idea! This is a positivity quiz, correct answers = points, incorrect answers = no deductions. Everyone wins!

Very happy with that...Q4 was an absolute nightmare. I did take about 15mins on it altogether though, doubt I would have done as well as Bleu in a minute.

I got Bernard for Q3 and Mass for Q5
6,42 for me. Not bad, 200 points for the fastest laps question, but the 4th was tricky.
Oh and I think I got half of the teabagyokel gold award because I guessed correctly one name out of two. But maybe I just claim it if both names are correct.
Oh really sorry for this mistake, I was in hurry.

I couldn't find the spoiler tag yet (maybe because the new design), but I fixed my post.
5.15 for me. Failed badly on Q4 (thought more on the current grid would qualify) but I claim my Silver trophy for Q5.
Fab quiz, TBY!:cheer:

I got (150+118+115+77+134)/100 = 5.94, which I didn't think was too bad. And half a TBY award for
Nicola Larini:1st:
I did badly on Q4; Got
, which I was surprised only earned 8 points, and was surprised that
Stefan Johansson
wasn't eligible... Also, the wording of the question allows answers like
, who hadn't won at the 90-race point but subsequently did.
Yes, Jarier only earned 8 because he was towards the top of the list
Johansson only started 79 Grands Prix
I've cleared up any ambiguity, but I did ask the alternative question on another Challenges quiz
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