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Tell that to Federer.:D

I know I was way off. 1 of my worst predictions I said that 2012 was his last chance to win a gold medal, if he hasn't retired by Rio Olympics, then he will have dropped down the rankings that he's making up the numbers. & not only has played beyond Rio Olympics he's won 3 grand slams. so couldnt been worse

but the difference between the big 4 is they have all had injuries, but Djokovic Nadal & Federer have had treatable injuries. but murray hip is degenerative unless he gets a hip replacement


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I don't mean to knock Murray, he's been brilliant for tennis and shown true grit throughout his career. However the Big Four tag is I would say slightly generous, and understandable given the elitist chip on British tennis' shoulder and flag-waving mania you see at Wimbledon.

Multiple Grand Slam champs in Open era:

Rank / Name / Titles / Finals

1 / Fed / 20 / 30
2 / Nadal / 17 / 24
3 / Djokovic / 14 / 23
16 / Murray / 3 / 11

Note that Wawrinka and Kuerten have also won three grand slams – from only 3 and 4 chances respectively – and are so ranked 17th and 18th due to making fewer finals.


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Kuerten won his slams in eras lull between greats & at a time when french open was 4th important as clay didnt suit the greats game.

i think he did incredible things in toughest era of tennis because to win 3 grand slams & include warwinka in this as he had to beat Nadal & Djokovic x2 . is hugely remarkable because these were competing v easily 3 of all time top 10, greatest clay player, greatest grass player & 1 of great all rounders. where they usually had to beat 2 of them 3 in semi & final to win the title who have been so dominant they are 3 of 4 most successful players of all time

then to add to it
  • won 2 olympic golds. destroyed Federer in Olympic final in 2012
  • I cant imagine the pressure he felt on that sunday in 2013 17m people v Djokovic who was at the top his game. he won in straight sets
  • winning the davis cup for Britain almost on his own winning 11 of 12pts
  • world number 1
  • atp world tour series champion
  • 11 grand slam finals including 1 on every surface 5 in Australia, 3 wimbledon 2 US open & a french open
its an incredible achievement he was in henmans era he wouldve won at least 9 maybe 11 grand slams & potentially made 20+ finals
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