What made the 2012 Formula 1 season so special?

What i dont understand is why India's race is so boring. Maybe because its so different to the other Tilkedromes with few hairpins and many fast corners?

Don't think it helped that Vettel walzed it both times at a canter, like Korea, they're the only two Tilke tracks to be consistently poor in recent years in terms of entertainment.
At least Korea can provide good racing like Webber vs. Hamilton in 2011, Hulkenberg Grosjean, Hamilton Raikkonen this year. Everyone is so dispersed in India so that there can be no wheel to wheel action
I think it's just the overall 'feel' of the races - dull, dusty, hazy, little identity. And also they're later in the season, so less surprise and excitement to do with the tyres.
Depends what you class as surprise and excitement, because America was a great race but little degradation on the tyres
So more down to the drivers? Less down to chance? Well that's what I'd rather see, even if its a bit more boring. I'd rather see the man triumph. But that's just me.
Certainly a remarkable season. And one that I will undoubtedly enjoy even more many years from now. But as has already been mentioned, it had a bittersweet characteristic by years end. Racing fans were deprived of an epic three-way battle. Lewis had his best campaign since maybe his rookie year and was left with very little to show for it. He deserved much better, and sadly it was the true F1 fans that missed out on what should have been a supreme finale between three drivers in three different cars with very little to choose.

So while I recognize the historically fantastic nature of the 2012 Formula One Championship, I will forever hold the memory of the massive "should have been" that we were so cruelly deprived of.
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