Ali v Holmes

Yes Mr Whippet but it took a bit of tampering with gloves in the corner for Ali to come back, in today's game it would have been a TKO, and not a one and a half minute time out in the corner with smelling salts....

And EvilWhippet how fierce would our 'enry have been if he sported a tattoo and a beard...?
Am not convinced Meph, Ali's powers of recuperation are among the very best in history and he was on his feet in seconds. Other than Cooper, most believe he gained no more than 6 seconds from the cut glove and it's not as if he was on shaky legs in the next round.

With a tattoo and beard Cooper would've been the GOAT, no doubt.
Thanks for that EvilWhippet. Ali is one of my all time favourite sport stars. I used to have posters of him in my bedroom. He's definitely the greatest in my books.
The greatest heavyweight, no doubt in my mind. In a pound for pound sense there are a few I'd have ahead. A small few. A proper tiny few in the grand scheme of things.
Yeah, beards are for the hard lads.

I just read a blog on the Ali Vs cooper fight and it seems it was somewhere between 5 and 9 seconds longer in the corner than it should have been but smelling salts were used which is illegal, anyway the thing that struck me most is the bitterness between the two factions, the Lewis v Button thread has nothing on those dudes.....LOL

Some saying to others go ****ing kill yourself that type of thing....
One of the all-time classic corner exchanges came during the Ali-Wepner fight in 1975.

Wepner managed to knock Ali down, possibly by stepping on his foot. He then retired to his corner and said" Warm the car up, we're out of here. We're millionaires". whereupon the manager replied "Turn around. He's getting up and he looks pissed off!"
Before the Ali fight, Wepner gave his missus some kinda lingerie and said "Wear this, tonight you're sleeping with the heavyweight champion of the world."

After the fight the missus said "So am I going to Ali's room or is he coming here?"
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