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Race Winner
Andy has just beaten Roger Federer in 5 sets at The Australian Open Semi Final.
He will play Novak Djokovik in the final on Sunday...
The match is being shown live on The BBC....coverage begins at 8-15 am..
'Burn's Night'..tonight...double celabrations for the Scots..
I listened/sneakily watched most of it, brilliant result for him even if he doesn't go on to win the final. He was the better player for pretty much the whole match and even when Federer had a few untouchable moments he regained his composure quickly and re-established himself on top. Now he has not only the winning a grand slam monkey off his back but also the beating Federer at a grand slam monkey as well.

Beating Djokovic will be very tough because a) it's Djokovic, b) it's a hard court, c) Djokovic barely broke a sweat in his semi-final and d) Djokovic has had an extra day of rest.
I like Djokavic...and you are probably right a,b,c,d,....but I so hope AM wins...
Andy looks better than I've ever seen him, sprints across the of the match commentators said that Andy is as quick in first 10 metres as Usain Bolt....
Ivan Lendl has been a great coach for Andy....he is so calm & reminds of Kimi...sparse with words..but what he says is worth hearing.....
Not that I don't have faith in Mr Murray's ability Greenlantern101 but let's not

Murray looked like he could win it the first two sets...but he did look tired at times, in the next two sets....
The best player won today....but they both played some incredible shots..
As Boris has just said....."Andy has improved his game...but so has Novak Djokovic,"
but I think the gap between them is getting less.
Loved the pre match ...dry comments from Ivan Lendl, including.........."If you win the last point, you can't lose the match"
Great battle for the final especially the first two sets. Not quite last year's marathon effort but it was pretty evenly matched.
Novak is just too good right now & even though I was cheering on Andy it was very much a case of Novak winning rather than Andy losing the final (if you know what I mean).
I'm not entirely happy with the set up where one player gets an extra day's rest & I'm not sure why they couldn't run the semi-finals at the same time like they do in football. Surely the grand slam venues have more than one decent court?
I don't think it made a massive difference this time but there will be times when it does.
I see the commentator's curse kicked in "No-one who has won the first set of the final has ever gone on to lose..." - well they have now :rolleyes:
Andy's going to have so much pressure on him come June...
I see the commentator's curse kicked in "No-one who has won the first set of the final has ever gone on to lose..." - well they have now :rolleyes:

That's slightly untrue, as Andy Roddick won the first set in that mammoth final at Wimbledon against Federer in 2009 - still gutted he didn't win that - unless the commentator is talking about the Australian Open, which he probably is, so I should probably shush.
My fault, I paraphrased & missed out the 'Australian Open' bit of the speech.
You're not the only one that wanted Andy Roddick to win that Wimbledon Slyboogy, I was gutted too.
I like a sportsperson with humour and character & Roddick has both.
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