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Seldom has a sportsman (Murray) had so much ability and yet seemingly have such a fragile mental side of his game. The coach that can fix that can help him win far more titles.


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My missus, who is in no way a sports fan, got up to watch the match at 8 a.m. on Sunday morning. I surfaced at about 11 just as his game went to shit so I would officially like to take credit for Andy's failure :thankyou:


Well FB at least you have accumulated a few brownie points for when you drag your sorry ass out of bed at WTF!!! time of the morning to watch an F1 race..
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Andy playing Djokovic today for a place in the French open final. ITV4 2.30pm. I fancy his chances in the final if he makes it. He would play either Wawrinka or Tsonga. Kind of feels like today is the final, not Sunday.
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Yet another coach has gone after yet another defeat by Djocovic. But, of course, Shakespear has the answer.

"The fault, dear Andy, is not in your coaches but in your mind that you are an underling".
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