Abu Dhabi 2013

Where do you guys think the best place to sit would be?


My first thought was either West or South, but I'm still not sure :no:

Any thoughts...?
I'm not sure why you'd want to go to Abu Dhabi in the first place LOL

West or South seem to be the best spots though if you want to see some action. I'm not sure if there are any TV screens though.


There is a screen at the South grandstand:

And there's one at the West grandstand too:

If you want to see the start and finish then the West seems to be best but I think there's more to see at the South.
My dad's working in Bahrain during the time of the GP, so I'm flying out to see him and going to see a Grand Prix while I'm there :)

South is my preference, because the overtaking there is much more entertaining. Cheers for the videos as well :)
Personally, I would go for the West Stabd as you can see more, the start/finish, there's a big screen and you'll be able to see the start of any overtakes going into the Mickey Mouse chicane at the end of the second straight.

PS: It was funny to hear everyone cheering when Vettel retired :D.
PPS: Make sure you take photos!!!
PPPS: Try and go to Ferrari World. I hear that there's the fastest roller coaster in the world there.
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