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This season may well come down to two numbers.

1. The sixth Grand Prix was won by Juan Manuel Fangio in car 6 in 1950, with Robert Manzon 4th in car 44...
It was the French Grand Prix at which circuit?


2. The 44th Grand Prix was also won by car 6, in 1955, also with car 44 4th. :o 9 of the top 10 drove the same car. Where was it?

Indianapolis 500

3. Name any one of the four drivers on 6 career podiums.

You could have:
Luigi Fagioli
Wolfgang Von Trips
Jo Siffert, or
Carlos Pace

4. Lewis Hamilton's 44th podium was at the 2012 Malaysian Grand Prix (3rd). Did Rosberg finish:

(a) 2nd, (b) 6th (c) 9th (d) 13th (e) Did Not Finish

(d) He was 13th for Mercedes

5. Nico Rosberg's 6th podium was one whole race later at the 2012 Chinese Grand Prix (1st). Did Hamilton finish:

(a) 3rd (b) 5th (c) 10th (d) 14th (e) Did Not Finish

3rd behind Button

6. 3 drivers have taken car 6 to a title since 1974. One of them is, of course, Keke Rosberg. Half a point each for the other two...

1987 - Nelson Piquet
2007 - Kimi Raikkonen

7. Alain Prost's 6th and 44th wins were in France in 1983 and Spain in 1990. Which driver qualified in the top 6 both times, other than Prost?

Riccardo Patrese

8. Who drove the last Mercedes #6 before 2014?


Moss in Monaco in 1955 as shown. That's Fangio on the inside of the corner in car #2, and Ascari in unlucky car #26 behind before his trip into the harbour

9. Who won that race?

Maurice Trintignant, driving for Ferrari in car #44. It was the only win for a #44 car in the Championship era until quite recently!

10. Who was the last driver to start a race in car #44 before 2014?

Jack Brabham at Monza in 1970
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I got 3.5, I got Q1, Q2, guessed Q5 and got
for Q6. A bit better than I went in the 17/4 one!
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