Grand Prix 2022 Dutch Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

When F1 announced it was going back to Zandvoort I was quite excited. I had good memories of the races in the 1980's, Alan Jones breaking a skirt whilst running away from the field in 1980, Didier Pironi looking like he would become World Champion with a win in 1982, which sadly he never achieved, Niki Lauda's last win in 1985.

I will admit to having watched the race last year on my phone, so it is difficult to be completely objective, but I do recall being totally underwhelmed by the whole event. Max and Red Bull were unbeatable, something very likely to be repeated this weekend. The track has been hacked about and they have included some parts, it appears to me anyway, because they can, rather than because they actually improve the racing or the spectacle.

It's strange that I don't find the passion of the Dutch fans as endearing as the passion of Italian fans. I suppose the Italian love of motor sport is long held and focused on a famous car brand, regardless of the drivers. The Dutch obsession is more recent, and focused on one, from my perspective anyway, less than likable individual, which can spill over in to jingoism and a poor attitude to anyone who might challenge their hero.

Sport is tribal, it is part of the reason why we enjoy it, to be part of a "gang". However, when it spills over in to negativity it is never pretty.

Let's hope this weekend we have a race of some sort, although I don't hold out great hopes. At the very least I hope that the fans behave themselves and as Max romps from a lights to flag victory they can avoid being too partisan towards the other drivers.

Here's the schedule for the cover age on Sky:



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I'm going to disagree with you on this one F1Brits_90. If I went to a race an a load of idiots set off orange flares every couple of minutes meaning I could't see the bloody race I'd be furious. Also, the amount of pollution coming out of these things is obscene. I'd suggest rolling the fire truck round to any stand setting these horrific things off and giving them a bloody good hosing down.
i agree FB that i dont want flares at grand prix, it is quite the annoying trend that has taken off, but what i was meaning was they have no chance of enforcing it, because like at football theres always someone who sneaks them in. i can see race day being full of them
The Red Bulls looked slow today. On the longer runs, Norris was easily catching Perez. However, catching is one thing, passing is quite impossible.

Zandvoort is probably as bad as Monaco, and one questions why there‘s a race here!
The best thing about catching some coverage of Friday practice is how much more time the commentators have to tell you what an absolutely amazing track this is how wonderful the fans, the traffic management, the party atmosphere, the whole brilliant package is.

I think we all agree..... don't we? anyone?....... anyone?

Smoke flares are ok in the right place but the base is a furnace, the put your hand in the wrong place and you'll let it drop, that's where the problems can start, igniting grass, rubbish under stands and even melting clothes, orange flares are for marking landing spots and showing wind direction, red flares someone in trouble. Other colours are available but usually for military use but no flare should be in crowds, there will be a serious burn accident to someone one day
Given that the "race" will be non-existent the Sky team have to big up something about the event. What shocks me is that parts of the track look as narrow as the stupid bit round the castle in Baku. Which makes we question why we can't have a race back at Brands Hatch. Either that or make the bloody cars smaller.
If I had a fiver for every time an F1 fan heard the name Brands Hatch, nodded and then said "it would be great but the circuit is far too narrow these days"

The solution is to build tracks with the nut wrenching layouts of Brands, the old Osterreichring, Zandvoort or Spa but with the width and safety features of modern circuits.

Which tracks truly test a drivers balls these days?
Which makes we question why we can't have a race back at Brands Hatch
the British GP will never leave Silverstone & also we can just about afford 1 GP here nevermind 2.

also we in holland for 2 reasons Robert Doornbos, Christijan Albers, Nyck De Vries Max Verstappen & Money
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