2021 Silly Season


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It would be interesting to see Vettel at Mercedes. I don't think it would be as clear cut as many believe. However, in an interview in 2016 Vettel did hint that he was past his prime, possibly not as motivated as he was in earlier years, and he lacked the backing at Ferrari which led to many errors on his part in 2018 which in combination with a lack of car development and strategy errors lost him the title.
It's good that he and Ferrari have parted ways, I don't think that they'll win a championship in the foreseeable future due to a lack of leadership/consistency unlike Mercedes or even a small team like Racing Point which has been a major factor of those teams' success. As with Ferrari though it is doubtful that he'll have the backing that every driver needs to be successful.


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It would be far more interesting to see Vettel **** off into retirement to join Alonso, never to return, along with Kimi.


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Kimi yes as much as i love the person next season if any 41 yr who made his 20yrs ago should not be on the grid he would be 6th oldest driver & 4th oldest point scorer in the tv era

Alonso would be a disappointment for me. he would be a Mansell at McLaren or Schumacher at Mercedes. better at indycar & numerous other racing series he does

Vettel i would keep for few more years because if there was the choice of bottas doing his slighty worse impression of kimi. because at least could be great when he could be bothered. or Vettel who in last chance saloon could be great i would go for vettel but if it was ocon or russell then maybe i could be persuaded it's time


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Is anyone surprised Mercedes want a German driver in their car? Preferably becoming World Champion as well - they could not boast about it because Rosberg retired before they were doing all the marketing that would have gone with it

Toto has been towing the corporate line when asked about it. The only way Vettel will not get into the team is if he is humiliatingly beaten this season by all his main challengers then the question will be asked that he should not be paid the money his credentials deserves

They should have promoted Ocon last season instead of Bottas because then it would be clear who is No 1 and No 2 but showbthe bosses that they have future succession planned like they have been trying to do for the last 3 years with Ocon.

Vettel's mindset this season and approach in dealing with the politics at Ferrari will tell if it's taken too much toll on him and burned him out or not


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I don't think Ocon has proved compelling as a Hamilton replacement. There are better drivers on the grid to select such as Verstappen or LeClerc. They are the only drivers I could see as having proven themselves to be at a level worthy of being a Hamilton Successor. But neither is an option near term.

If they boot Bottas, I think they should give George Russell a shot. While he has also not proven himself, I think in comparisons he seems more interesting to me than Ocon.
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so now ive heard last season of the rumours of toto wolff to force india racing point aston martin, after he bought a stake in car business but not the F1 team. & its widely know that he says its not the same without niki lauda

but is that's the ultimatum gone wrong that he maybe gave to Daimler (I know I watch too much detective shows :D) but im sure he will have wanted to keep Bottas or if not have Russell which more likely than ocon. with then big bosses maybe wanting vettel because german world champion in german team & as I mentioned at the start of this merry go around. this current partnership is only non german partnership in F1 team history.& Bottas has hardly set the world alight so did he say sign vettel or keep me.


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Williams have put themselves up for sale so maybe Toto wants to dip in hands in that. Mercedes have got 4 teams to supply engines plus FormulaE to run so signing Vettel for marketing reasons is weak given he last won the title in 2013. The new rules and Corona virus have possible made Merc re think so be interesting to see where they cut costs. Last time Mercedes dumped a world champion was back in 2010 when they did not really want Button and would not offer him a decent pay because someone in the board thought the grand plan of Schumacher becoming world champion in the Merc was worth the money whilst playing off a lot of staff back in Stuttgart. Look how that turned out


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I should say as long as Merc are winning I think Lewis will stay. If Toto does go then who would step up into his position - I can only think this may also have a sway

Going back to Ocon I meant they should promoted him ahead of Bottas if he is seen as Mercs future which is always part of the Merc policy


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Bottas says he has been told that Vettel is not being considered for 2021 at Merc.

I will say that is for now as things always move quickly in F1


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Well apparently Mercedes tend to consider their current drivers first before looking elsewhere. I think it really depends how Vettel performs and can show he still has the desire to be world champ and not expect demands based on past glories .

I would be banging onto the board that they need one of their young drivers to be the future face of Merc and get them promoted instead


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So we have now lost
Singapore a track Hamilton excels at
Suzuka a track Mercedes have owned since 2014
Baku - no big loss

Under threat

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