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World Champion
so what did we think of the inaugural Stryian GP. racing in the Stryian Hills for 1st time instead of the Austrian Mountains
5 - we had some good midfield action partially on the last 4 laps. but it was extremely comfortable at the front. never was as good as last sunday
A few good laps nice battles in midfield.Loved the Ferrari horrorshow.
Not as good as last week.
Once the first few laps were over it settled down into a dull race. I think the tyre choice played a major part in the boredom with the softs running deep into the race and the mediums comfortably going the distance. There were one or two tyre issues reported but no one really got themselves into a position to challenge apart from Bottas on Max.

The last couple of laps gave it a one point bonus due to Lando's efforts and Carlos and Max pitting for a fastest lap showdown.

It just about scrapes a 4.
Il_leone - I couldn't agree more.

What we currently can't tell is; is the Red Bull genuinely close on pace to the Mercedes, and Albon is just an anchor, or is the Red Bull the 3rd best car (behind the Racing Pointless), and Max Verstappen is promoting it beyond its capabilities?

If Mercedes were to drop out of F1, we would have a much more competitive championship! - There were battles all the way up and down the field from 4th downwards (and the same was true last week as well).
I think it was an 8. Granted, it was kind of a snoozefest towards the front but there was lots of great midpack racing. Lando's last lap heroics didnt hurt either.
3, and only because of the racing at the end. There is no point in watching sport if you know what the result is going to be.
Boo, and or hiss, at your logical argument gethinceri. To clarify, at the end of lap 1, unless for some sort of major mechanical mallardy, it was obvious Hamilton was going to win which is of no interest to me. Not because it's Lewis Hamilton but because any other result was very unlikely and that's not why I watch the sport.
I thought the days of Scumacher and Vettel disappearoing after lap1 were boring especially they had an even bigger car advantage as well. I think the race was over once Red Bull opted to defend against Bottas rather than keeping up with Hamilton
In the hands of Hamilton it is bigger no doubt. I think if it was a wet race Hamilton would have demolished the field but Verstappen's chances would have been better
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