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How did you rate the 2019 Mexican Grand Prix out of Ten?

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6. Watched the highlights on C4. It said a lot about the close of the race that they felt they could skip 5 of the last 6 laps.

Full credit to Hamilton for driving a very controlled race at the front on older tyres but there was little to get excited about.

Very average.
I was VERY bored at the beginning, got my hopes up as a potential for a battle for the lead developed after the pit stops and was then very disappointed by the final 10 laps. Even Martin Brundle commented that the final stages of the race demonstrate what F1 needs to sort out. Just 3 from me.
That may well be my favourite Mexican GP. Difficult to know who was going to win and lots of differing strategies. Unfortunately it all settled down to a procession in the last 15 laps or so.
I gave it a 5 because it wasn't the worst race I've ever seen but it wasn't the best either. I watched the highlights on one click of fast forward, it still seemed like a long race.
6 - I enjoyed the it was very good a lot of variation on strategy, with 20 laps to go it was a 4 way battle. it wouldve been 7/8 if the finish we all expected & it was going but many factors stopped it
I thought it was a decent race very exciting start and good strategy at the middle and end. But it never came to much in the final laps.
A solid 7
6: It was actually an interesting strategic race that was setting up for a hell of a dramatic four car finish...that then didn't happen.
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