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I would of scored it lower if it wasn't for a total driving master class from Lewis. We saw Bottas almost loose 2nd at the end of the race. It's not all about the car. Lewis has reached a level where he now has the best bits of Senna and Prost put together. He is on a different level.

Loved Landos race, so cruel at the end his car letting him down. I think he needs a Gasleys or Bottas seat for next year. He is the future. I see Charles and Lando fighting each other for championships in the future.

Great to see McLaren back up the sharp end. I hope they keep coming. Yes to racing teams. No to soft drinks teams.

Just a 4. I actually fell asleep for about 10 laps.


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5 - midfield
0 - for upfront

i had low expectations as ill explain fully on discussion. that was worse than that. people complain about monaco. give me monaco over that any day


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Wow, It was so exciting I fell asleep. 4. Why 4 I have no idea. Just in case I missed something.


4 from me. Pretty processional at front but some action midfield. Also interesting to see McLaren performance continue to improve.


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I went two, it got one point for Leclerc battling Bottas at the end and the other one because I'm too nice to give it the 0 it probably deserved. Dull and boring don't begin to cover it though.


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Rubbish race and I dislike this almost featureless car-park circuit of red and blue lines and traffic cones. I'm considering having a sabbatical next year. Deux points.


Leave me alone I'm on Smoko
I waste of two hours of my life. Thank god I skipped watching quali to watch Formula E or it would have been 3 and a half.

Currently this forum is the only reason I keep watching F1 and frankly I was on the verge of pulling a @meshipholes part way through this one.


Race Winner
Currently this forum is the only reason I keep watching F1 and frankly I was on the verge of pulling a @meshipholes part way through this one.

Actually, I think I am the same, without this place I'd have probably given up on it as well. Sad isn't it when the sport you love gets that bad?


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I'm afraid I gave up as a regular watcher a couple of years ago. I still care about the sport but I can't watch it these days.

But I still love "Dad's Net" - as the family call this place.

The great thing about CTA is it isn't about F1.

Says it all really...

(And don't you dare do a Meph... I still miss him)


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Now it's it's paywalled I'm radio only, which means I can listen in while I do something else. If it's a good one I'll watch the highlights, otherwise I won't waste my time.
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