Poll 2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix out of 10

2019 Azerbaijan Grand Prix out of 10

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5. It was potentially a very interesting race, but never really got that interesting. I mean, we had the top four drivers rather consistently in the same camera frame. They were close....there was potential...and then nothing happened. So, I don't rate is as low as some people.


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2. That was terrible. A race so dull that my girlfriend fell asleep during the "highlights" (I just farted about with my phone)


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Had all the grandparents round for a Birthday tea for my 4 year old daughter. Managed to avoid the result intending to catch up later when my mum, for the Lord knows how many time she's done it, went "oh I see Bottas has beaten Hamilton to win the GP". "oh for ****s sake" says I. "mind your language" shouts the wife. I storm out to the kitchen saying "well I may as well look up the rest of the bloody results now". Cue another telling off from the wife.

Then I read the race reports and it seems I've missed another snooze fest so it at least I didn't miss too much.

Every cloud etc.


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I'm going to give it a 3 simply because it had a first for F1, one car reversing in to another. Well done to Danny Ric!

That move, well probably the backing into Kvyat part of it, has earnt Danny Ric a 3 place grid penalty in Spain!

I gave it a 4, Bottas deserved that win, he showed the sort of attitude he needs to if he wants to keep that seat.


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Olegg , you always amazed me :)
A 6!??!!!
By the way, after I put my rating here
for the sake of interest have looked at the ratings on the racefans.net.
And there the majority (6 and more rank > 50%) put the same rank.
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I wasn't on the edge of my seat, but I wasn't bored either. I've come to really like the Baku circuit. I think it's an excellent mix of driver discipline, and I'm all for the non-DRS slipstream opportunities. The track looks great on the TV, and some of the onboard shots are (nearly) up there with Monaco as far as I'm concerned. I even like the buildings. So from a TV-viewing perspective, ignoring trackside fans and politics, even a dull race at Baku gets a few points for me, hence my 4.

Maybe this is also a factor with others?


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5 - it was a race that was always bubbling but never came to boil couldve been good end but Hamilton 2 final (proper corner) mistakes on lap 49 & 50, gave bottas comfortability
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