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It was mildly interesting seeing Perez emulating Maldonado and also seeing just how many F1 cars you can get into the same place at the same time at Singapore.

Unfortunately none of this actually created any excitement.

A generous 2.
I voted 1, that's a couple of hours of my life I won't ever get back again.

I am beginning to wish Channel 4 weren't going to be showing the racing next year, I will no doubt feel compelled to watch for even more misery if things don't soon change.
At street races, like Singapore and Monaco, the drivers need tyres they can lean on. - if they are going to degrade, it should be at a roughly linear rate. The Pirellis are just not up to the job!
unfortunately the safety car thanks to Perez came out too early in the race which allowed the tyre strategy to be one stop only

If people want to blame Pirelli ..unfortunately the contract with the FIA dictate that tyres not durable to last races but the aero dynamics this year makes it tougher to follow

Not even a street circuit can close the gap between the top 3 and rest which was Alonso who was 47 seconds back from Ricciardo
10. I slept very well after the safety car pulled into the pits. Afternoon naps also reduce the risk of a heart attack, so this nap may pay off later on in life. :D
I gave it a 6, it wasn't great but I've seen much worse and there was enough silliness to keep me interested through much of it.
Guess what Ferrari have come out and said " Boredom was the winner " Make what you will of that but that was probably because they are making excuses for their own management incompetence
!. Epic lap from Lewis to take pole position during qualy with a !: 36.015.

2. Taking the lead from the very start, and managing the race toward total victory.

3. Picking up 10 more points on Sebastian for the championship.

Can mean only one thing a.......10.!!
I gave it a 5. Even though it no positions changed in the top six....it was a strategic race for all of them and worth watching. It was overall very interesting to see how Ferrari lost the thread this weekend, between qualifying and racing. Not exactly sure how or why.....but it is the story of the weekend (and perhaps the championship). It was their race to loose....and that qualifying lap Hamilton did was absolutely stunning. So good, that even he could not replicate it.

Farce Indias and Sirtokin and Alonso livened things up.
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Speak of Farce Indias they've issued a no racing against each other policy again but maybe someone should tell Perez why top teams won't sign him if he keeps taking out his teammate
Once again quali outperformed the race. Roll on new regs. Hammy has one hand on the WDC, Ferrari could perhaps implode after this result, and Verstappen continues to mature. 4.
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