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These pre-GP quizzes have been running for a while now and I think it's reasonable to say we have had a good number of questions surrounding the Hungarian GP so for this quiz I'm going to something a little different. The Hungarian GP made it's debut on the F1 Calendar way back in 1986 which was the first season I clearly remember watching F1 all the way through the year. So in honour of that, this quiz will be 10 questions on the 1986 season.

Good luck and post your scores at the bottom:

1) First a question on Hungary, Ayrton Senna set pole at the first Hungarian GP and came home in second. Senna's Lotus team mate scored the best finish of his short F1 career at the same race, coming home in 5th and marking the only time both Loti finished in the points that year. Who was that?

Johnny Dumfries (or John Colum Crichton-Stuart, 7th Marquess of Bute to give him his correct title)

2) 1986 saw Italian driver Elio De Angelis killed in a tragic testing accident at the Paul Ricard circuit while testing the hugely unreliable and slow Brabham BT55, which British driver took over Elio's seat because, as Bernie Ecclestone put it, "he was the only driver who hadn't called Bernie and asked for the job"?

Derek Warwick

3) There were four world drivers champions on the grid in 1986. 1/4 of a point for the name of each one.

Alan Prost (1985), Nelson Piquet (1983,1981), Keke Rosberg (1982), Alan Jones (1980)

4) For 1986 normally aspirated engines were banned making this the first season in which the entire field was Turbo powered. Besides Ferrari, which German team were the only other outfit on the grid to run their own engine design in the back of the car?


5) Which team scored the first of their many F1 wins at the 1986 Mexican GP?

Benetton Grand Prix in the hands of Gerhard Berger.

6) 1986 was the year that Sir Frank Williams had the accident that completely changed his life. Returning to the pits at the British GP what result did the team reward his comeback with?

It was a Williams one - two

7) Which team failed to win a race all season for the first time since 1980?


8) Which French driver would have broken Graham Hill's record for most GP starts had he not been classified as a non starter after breaking both legs on the opening lap of the 1986 British GP?

Jacques Laffite

9) In 1982 the United States became the first country to host 3 races. By 1986 there was only one left on the calendar, this race was the only one not named after it's host country but its host city. Where was this?

Motor City itself, Detroit

10) Finally, to guarantee (hopefully) at least one point for all players, which drivers world title hopes famously ended on lap 64 of the Australian Grand Prix when his left rear tyre exploded in a shower of sparks?

Nigel "Our Nige if your British" "The Uneducated Blockhead if your Brazilian" Mansell

Good luck everyone and I hope you enjoy it.
That's why I thought that was a great question as most people would get two. Some would get 3 and only the real smart arses would remember all 4.

(I wouldn't have got it if someone had asked me :D )
No, not the oldest one. I missed the one who retired at the end of the season.
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