Pre-GP Quiz 2018 Canadian Grand Prix


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1. What event happened on June 10th 2001 in Montreal for the first time in F1 history?

First ever 1-2 finish from two siblings (Ralf and Michael Schumacher)

2. On that race, Alain Prost was delirious that a driver brought home a Prost car in 5th place. Who was that driver?

Jean Alesi

3. On June 10, 2007 in Montreal, Lewis Hamilton won his very first F1 race. It was also the first F1 race won by a black driver. What drivers were in the podium with Hamilton? 0.5 points per driver

Nick Heidfeld and Alexander Wurtz

4. In the Canadian GP of 2007 Super Auguri had their best result in the team history. What driver accomplished this feat and what place did he finished? 0.5 points each

Takuma Sato, 6th place

5. Famously Jenson Button won the 2011 Canadian Gran Prix after dropping to last place in a first lap collision with Fernando Alonso. What record does this GP hold?

It was the longest race in the history of F1

6. On June 10 2012, the Canadian Gran Prix took place. Again Lewis Hamilton won that race. What was peculiar about him wining this race?

He became the seventh different driver to win in as many races, a record for a single Formula One season

7. In 1990 the Canadian GP took place in June 10. This race included a total of 10 Italian drivers! Can you name 4 of them? 0.25 points for each

Stefano Modena, Alex Cafi, Ivan Capelli, Andrea de Cesaris, Riccardo Patrese, Alessandro Nannini, Nicola Larini, Emanuele Pirro, Michele Alboreto, Pierluigi Martini

8. Tragically in 1982 Riccardo Paletti slammed into the rear of Didier Pironi’s car dying soon after. It was the second fatality that year after Gilles Villeneuve lost his live at Zolder. Does anybody remember what team did Paletti run for?

Osella Squadra Corse

9. Three different drivers have achieved a Gran Chelem (pole position, fastest lap and race win while leading every lap) at a Canadian GP. Can you name the drivers and the years?

1984 - Nelson Piquet
1994 - Michael Schumacher
2017 - Lewis Hamilton

10. What driver won the first race in each of the circuits the Canadian Gran Prix has been run on; Mosport Park, Mont-Tremblant, Circuit Île Notre-Dame (later on Circuit Gilles Villeneuve). 0.33 each. Extra point if you know the year of each race.

Mosport Park - Jack Brabham - 1967
Mont-Tremblant - Denny Hulme - 1968
Circuit Île Notre-Dame - Gilles Villeneuve - 1978

That's aboot it!
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and fixed the issue which gets me a bonus of 1 million points therefore my final score is

1000005.66 which makes that the highest score in CTA quiz history. LOL
2.5! Although can I have a bonus for knowing Button had a 1st lap collision with Hamilton not Alonso (he did hit him later though).
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