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Stayed up late to watch this on catch up despite the fact I knew it was my night to look after my restless 14 month year old and had to be up early for work. At this stage I'm considering some sort of legal action against Liberty Media.

I can remember 3 decent moments. Bottas not being intimidated by headbutt Max off the start, Danny Ric making the overcut work and Alonso pouncing on LeClerc as he came out the pits. That last one by the way was never mentioned in commentary or shown on screen but observed on timing screens. Kind of sums the race up.

A very generous 4 as it did demonstrate the quality (or lack of) of quite a few drivers on the grid. There are quite a few who their teams must be thinking about moving on after their displays in Canada.
I gave it 10, not so much for the race but the fact Vettel won and is leading the championship again if I'm honest. (I'm clearly too easily pleased)

In racing terms it wasn't great, the chequered flag being waved early means someone was trying to save us from more boredom but it didn't work!
I admit I watched the race with the sound off on my lap top as the TV in the front room was being used for other things and I didn't want to go upstairs so I wasn't paying the race the fullest of attention however, crikey that was achingly dull.

I could go on a long, long, long rant but what would be the point? Nothing's going to change is it?

I hate saying this because I love Canada but this was a complete load of dog toffee - 1 point. (for a good old fashioned crash mainly)
I was never a massive Button fan but do you remember that feeling when a car chased down the leader in the last few laps of the race? Could he catch him? Could he get by? A mistake, Vettel runs wide, Button slithers through to take the lead. Wow-oh-wow.
We were staying with friends in Spain, a quiet meal watching the race turned out to be a mega feast with comfort breaks.
1.Utter garbage, 3rd dull race in a row. It’s getting so bad at the moment i almost wish there was refulling and another tyre manufactuer just to make it more intresting.
I feel asleep watching the highlights I hope Liberty Media are watching because even with 3 DRS zones Hamilton did not even get anywhere near Ricciardo to make a pass and Hulkenberg as well stuck behind Ocon

What was worrying was just how far the top 3 teams are ahead of Renault , Force India and Mclaren.. they lapped the entire field
I remember the moment as if it were yesterday (well, actually, it was). It was on lap 37 I realised I wasn't going to make it through in one sitting.

Finished watching today but ended up skipping ahead a few times toward the end, and the order never changed.

That was dire.
For no other reason than it annoyed me but did you hear David Croft struggling to say the words "back marker" when Alonso was lapped? He was a back marker, he got lapped. He's not a god he just drives racing cars, get over it.
One thing I noticed was Croft or Brundle repeatedly explaining basic terms such as "tow" - there were many others but I forget - probably so new audiences wouldn't be confused. Felt like dumbing things down.
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