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What a very bizarre race. Opening laps gave some excitement, then we moved into the Kwik Fit phase followed by Estaban Ocon trying to delete the race leader as he attempted to un-lap himself gifting the race to Lewis. Something new to add to the list of things I've not seen before in F1.


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Thanks, didn't realise you were referring to a driver, current or otherwise.

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One might suggest that the Ocon/Verstappen incident was the result of the fact the Force India has a Merc in the back, and Ocon wants to impress his employers (Mercedes).... I would never be so cynical though!

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Hamberg. Put it this way- I could not have imagined Ocon doing the same thing to Hamilton- but that’s more that he would have been more circumspect with a Mercedes (as evidenced in Monaco) than he would have done with Verstappen.


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Totally agree with that. Much like I’d expect a STR to give an easier time to a Red Bull.

Hamilton saying what he did afterwards was pretty fair but Max did not like it one bit!

Anyway the kids (Max and Esteban) have been called to the stewards following some shoving near the scales!


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Despite the rights and wrongs of the incident Ocon was clearly 2/3rds alongside Vestappen and it would have been more circumspect to give Ocon a touch more room, especially as he wanted to win the race, cars just don't vanish because Max is in a hurry, race craft says to win you do need to finish and collisions have a habit of helping failing to finish


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well maybe Ocon was preparing himself for future battles with Verstappen given Max hates the fact he lost the F3 championship to Ocon. Watch this rivalry develop in the future once Ocon gets into a Merc


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Everyone knows support anyone British. So Lewis included. He got lucky today because red bull were fastest today shouldve won by 10secs. But hey Lewis did a great job as he has done in parts of season outperforming the car. But strange race was both Mercedes & Ferrari were off colour. Vettel worse race for a while

But i was furious at ocon incident as im a fan of fair play, Absolute moron. Ocon got off lightly because I wouldn't have blamed him if max knocked his block off would've been fully deserved. As max says that was :censored: move cost him victory & 4th place in the championship. Ok max could been more patient, but ocon was 16th & lap down he had no right to be 1st messing with the lead of the race its the same in any race series. 2nd to stick his nose in gap that didn't exist.

RasputinLives Would it be harsh of me to say bottas was anonymous again & in the 1st stint was losing a second a lap to his team mate & verstappen
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As it looked to me from my settee we were robbed of a new race winner by good old testosterone. Both drivers in my view were equally wrong, and stupid.


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Not harsh F1Brits_90 as long as you mention that Kimi couldn't overtake a car 1 second off the pace that Red Bull had flown by in one lap.

As for Ocon/Verstappen - this has been brewing since Max took Ocon out off the start back in F3. The two hate each other and Esteban is not too chuffed with the direction his career is going in when he feels he is clearly the better driver. Today was completely idiotic of him though.

What did Max do later?

Edit - don't worry just seen it. Silly boy. But then when your daddy is Jos Verstappen you probably think that's the right way to do things.
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I have an idea for these dumb grid penalties: If a part fails and puts a car out of a race, that part can be replaced for the next race without penalty. Yes, I realize that teams may claim that more than the actual part failed but I would rather have to police that problem than drivers having to drop grid spots because some corner worker jammed a fire extinguisher up a tail pipe.

It was an exciting race and I couldn't believe the speed of the Red Bulls or how Ocon took out Max. I suspect that if it was Lewis instead of Max, he would have left more room and wouldn't have been spun out. If, by some miracle, the Red Bulls are as fast as the Mercedes next year, I think Lewis will still get more points than Max because Lewis has more wisdom.