Grand Prix 2018 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix Practice, Qualifying & Race Discussion

Aaaaaahhh, that wonderful place, renowned for its proximity to the sea and proud history of mercantile endeavour, the place that attracts many tourists to its wonderful coastline, fabulous welcome and no surprise then that property is costly and much sought after.

Wonderous views of the mountains of Snowdonia rising in splendour to the East and...........
What do you mean?
Abu Dhabi?
I thought you said Aberdovey!

I wouldn’t have volunteered if I’d known. Still here goes then……..

Aaaahh, Abu Dhabi, that Middle Eastern Grand Prix that nobody complains about because human rights abuse only occurs in Bahrain. A place where a notoriously dull race with a traditionally sparse audience is appropriately named, as the only way can only be up after a race at the Yas Marina Circuit. I do feel that they did actually bother when they built it as it does have its quirks with a long straight and peculiar pitlane configuration, one day there’ll be an almighty cock-up that blocks the exit…..perhaps then the race will be less of the snoozefest that is usually served up.
Plenty of other racing takes place here, including cycling (in an equally dull event) and sportscars but in the 10 years of F1 the weekend is generally dominated by a Red Bull, here’s hoping that they continue their Brazilian streak .

It’s all very well me making critical judgements on the circuit but the best review I can find is that given by my hero Kimi Raikkonen:

"the first few turns are quite good, but the rest of it is shit"

Mwynhewch, a dyma'r tymor nesaf!
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With time, I think it is going to be a problem with Verstappen and how he is permitted to drive with impunity and without FiA saying at least BOOO to his bully-ride. Had Vettel banged wheels the same way as Max does with drivers...
Today it was exceptionally bad with him. His father accused Vettel that he is thinking everyone must get out of his way, but in reality I think charge is more apt for his own son, than for any other driver on the grid.

FiA doesn't want to stop him, but taking Hamilton out of a race one of these days might do it.
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