FIA 2017 Formula One Calendar

So many free weekends, yet Le Mans & F1 have to clash. Dont get why baku has to be on 18th. Why not Monaco 28th baku 11th & montreal 18th. So then we have a clash but 1 finishes at 3pm the other starts at 7pm
You are missing the point, the FOG at the moment under Bernie have no other interests except F1, they only promote F1, really they have no interest in fans opinions or preferences in motor sport therefore the calendar it set to their satisfaction. Should Liberty look at promoting other forms of motor sport then there may well be a change in the calendar to optimise cash flow on TV rights
A formula E race in Singapore would be significantly cheaper !

Funny how certain countries were willing to jump into bed with Bernie to pay the extortionate race fee and when they get their fingers burned they are coming out that it is too expensive to run
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What I found truly ironic in Bernie's statement was that. if he subsidized the German GP, all of the GPs would expect it. As I recall, the Monaco GP has always been subsidized.
The German Grand Prix will probably not happen. It's just been placed there with a little star next to it so WEC can't move it's race a week forward forcing it to have it's Hockenheim race clash with the Formula E New York street race double header. As a lot of the drivers do both it means it will diminish both series with them being forced to chose.

Bernie is very good at these little games. He sees WEC as a competitor and he's just dam well pissed off that Formula E have landed a street race at a place he wanted one.
To me, the fact that Monaco pays vastly less than other venues amounts to a de facto subsidy, no matter how Bernie chooses to portray it.
There's been some uncertainties about min. 3 races in 2017 F1 calendar: GP Germany (Hockenheim), GP Canada (Montreal) and GP Brazil (Sao Paulo). And all 3 races are very interesting for years. I hope that there will be no cancellations.
Hockenheim isn't what Hockenheim was so I won't miss it. I'd prefer to see other circuits go instead, there are many that Tilke has created that are equally poor or worse.
I suspect that, if 2017 is a one-team race for the championship like the last 3 seasons have been, that the 2018 schedule may be MUCH smaller.
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