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  1. olegg

    Difficulty rating of the circuits

  2. olegg

    2017 vs 2016 comparison of Standings

  3. cider_and_toast

    GP2 late?

    The title for this post is a bit of a play on words but when I write this list of drivers, what springs to mind? Zonta, Comas, Heidfeld, Modena, Danner, Bourdais, Liuzzi, Wilson, Glock, Maldanado, Pantano. Not exactly the greatest selection of drivers ever to grace the F1 stage are they? The...
  4. cider_and_toast

    FIA 2017 Formula One Calendar

    The 2017 Calendar has been released and the exciting news is........ There is almost no change from this years calendar. Sorry endurance fans but you are going to have to choose between the Not the European GP or Le Mans again next year. For full details see the link: FIA reveals 21-race...
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