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So a post grand prix pre-grand prix quiz with an American flavour. All questions exclude the Indy 500 when it was considered part of the F1 World Championship

1. How many American drivers have take part in a F1 World Championship race?

According to Wiki 55 - 1/2 a point if 5 either way

2. Who was the first American to win an F1 World Championship race?

Phil Hill

3. Where and when (year)?

The Italian GP of 1960

4. Who was the last American driver to win an F1 World Championship race?

Mario Andretti

5. Again, where and when (year)?

Dutch GP of 1978

6. Danny Sullivan drove for Tyrrell in the 1983 F1 season. What was one of his more famous (or infamous) jobs before becoming a racing driver?

He was a New York city cab driver

7. Michael Andretti famously never completed the 1993 season at McLaren. What was his best result?

3rd at the Italian GP, his final race

8. Bobby Rahal is one of the most famous names in US motor sport. He drove in two F1 races in 1978, for which team?

Walter Wolf racing at the US and Canadian GP's

9. Dan Gurney was one of the most iconic and successful US F1 drivers but what did his father do?

He was an opera singer

10. So I started you off with a question about how many American drivers have raced in F1, how many have won a GP?

5 - Mario Andretti, Richie Ginther, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill and Peter Revson
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